Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another week...

This week has flown by! I think I was busy every night. I am still catching up on my reality TV DVRs from earlier in the week when I was too busy to watch them! I can't remember back to Monday night, but Tuesday night we played on our competitive volleyball team...and won:) Wednesday night Billie and I met after work/running and went to Calistoga for dinner (yum) and then to get some specific fabrics/ribbons and were out late trying to find the perfect stuff. Thursday night Billie and Derek came over for dinner and had a fun surprise and then a late night of sewing. Friday night was raining and J and I decided to forgo our normal grocery shopping date night and stay in. As Sue would say, I had my cranky pants on last night...maybe too many days of rain and no sun! So I sat on the couch to unwind and catch up on a weeks worth of blog reading. Then I strolled over to Sue's blog and saw this sweet post and award she gave me:Thanks Sue! I appreciate you! I needed a little pick me up.

Here's the most recent bag we made. One of our girlfriends gave it as a graduation present to another friend who had told us earlier that she really wanted orange trim so this is some cute orange fabric we found online!

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Sue said...

Aww... I'm so glad my little award made your day!! I really am so glad I met you over at Kristin's blog! You are such a Sweetie :-)

Love the new bag - I'm not a huge orange person but I do love the orange and brown together! Very cute!

Have a good weekend! Hope you were able to toss those cranky pants away today! ;-)