Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping last weekend

I have about a billion errands to run tonight (ok, well maybe 5) before I go to meet some girlfriends at Saul Good for dinner tonight! I've never eaten there so I'm excited...I hope it's good! My boss let me leave early from work today to get everything done and since I didn't have enough time to run AND shower before errands and dinner, so I figured that the best use of my time would be to post a blog instead of exercising:) and watch some DVRs so my DVR doesn't get too full while we are out of town this weekend.

We leave during the night tomorrow night for my friend's wedding in Orlando! Friday night is the bachelorette party and we'll be out on the town in Orlando! Well, it's been many a year since I've "gone out" so I had absolutely nothing to wear! I've already talked about how hard it was to find a dress for the wedding, so I knew wearing a dress on Friday night was out of the next up was to find a cute dressy top.

I always shop at The Loft and The Limited and I dress pretty conservatively. I knew Loft wouldn't have any of the types of shirts I was looking for and we were visiting my parents in Toledo and they don't have a Limited! Seriously! No Limited! I would have some serious issues without shopping there on a regular basis:) Anyway, my mom and I went to the mall in search of the perfect outfit. I stopped at Express and wasn't about to drop $50 on a shirt that I will not get much wear out of. As we were walking down aisle in the mall I saw Charlotte Russe. I haven't shopped there since college in my "going out" days. I figured I might as well look at what they had. I felt SO old walking into the store...I was also a whole size larger since it's made for "kids". HA! And if you can get over that cheap clothes feel and the disorganized racks there are some fun cheep clothes! So, of course I knew all of my many readers (ha) would want to check out my finds! They don't look quite as cute on hangers but these pics will have to do. I haven't decided exactly which shirt I'm going to wear yet. But I think I'll wear my dressy jeans and some HOT black Jessica Simpson pumps with whichever one I choose.

This shirt was seriously $4.99!!! Seriously!! I thought it was too cute! I can wear it out at night or have it be a cute tank for summer with some walking shorts!

This shirt was $17.99. I don't think I'll wear it to the party but it will be a really cute tank for summer!

This shirt didn't photograph well but it's fun and has a couple layers of meshy stuff. It was only $19.99.

Since you can't see the last pic, this is the detailing on the tank.
I also found some fun jewelry to go with both my outfit for Friday night and my dress I'm wearing to the wedding (which is black, white, and pink). These earrings were from Charlotte Russe 2 for $8!! They are enormous but way fun!
My mom introduced me to a an accessories store at her mall called For Love 21. I guess its a division of Forever 21. Anyway...I found some fun stuff here too! This bracelet was $5.80!

These next two rings were $4.80! How can you do better than that on costume jewelry! I'm excited to wear them both!
I'll post pics after our weekend of FUN!!! I'm so excited to see all of my old college friends! See you all next week! :)

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Sue said...

Wow! Talk about some good finds. I love the tops Abby. I bet you'll look adorable in them. Have a GREAT time in Orlando! Can't wait to see pics from your weekend!