Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm still here:)

It has been over a week since I posted last! That is a first since I started blogging in January! I have been so busy that when I get home at night I don't even reach for the computer because I'm too exhausted! I was even a week behind in reading blogs! I feel so out of it! My DVR is 80% full I haven't been watching TV either!

It's already past my bedtime, but I figured that I should share this pic of a purse we made last week. J and I went to Toledo to visit my parents this past weekend (and to drop of Dakota at the papa and grammy resort...i think he's already spoiled one day into it...and I already miss him!) We finally finished the last purse from the orders from the auction in April! So I was able to hand deliver the last purse...well kinda...too bad she was out of town so my mom will have to hand deliver it:)
This week is jam packed full of stuff to do before we leave for Orlando on Thursday for our weekend trip so I hope I'll have time to post about our fun weekend with my parents and my many shopping deals (with pics)!


Sue said...

That is a really cute purse, Abby! Love the colors.

I have missed your posts while you've been busy. Hope things slow down for you soon. Have a great week, Sweetie :-)

Christy said...

Abby, if your DVR is 80% full, I might have ruined something for you! I should have put a spoiler alert on my spoiler rant! Ha! So sorry!