Friday, May 29, 2009

Florida Weekend - Part 3 - Finale

My friend Angela's wedding had been planned outside in the gardens at the Hyatt resort in Orlando, but with the monsoon weather that week, she decided to move the ceremony inside and it's a good thing because when we walked out of the ceremony and looked outside it was dark and pouring down rain! That is good luck though! The ceremony was beautiful! Then we went to the terrace (except inside because it was raining) for the hors d'oeuvre and cocktail hour. The hors d'oeuvres were amazing!! Every tray that would pass us would be better than the last! Oh my goodness! We were all expecting to have a while before the reception so we all kept grabbing one more and one more. We ended up stuffing ourselves on little wraps and such and margaritas and didn't leave room for dinner!!Here are some pics from the cocktail hour.

Jonathan and me trying to pose for a new pic of us...the problem was that I had wanted to take the pic outside with the pretty gardens behind us, but it was raining so we took the pic inside and couldn't get the lighting right! I'm not really happy with how dark and grainy all of the pics we took turned out, but what is one to do? My hubby still looks cute:) And just so you all darling hubby picked out my entire outfit (dress and shoes). I'm pretty sure he won't take credit for my earrings or giant pink ring! :)
Old college friends and roommates - yes we had an enormous apartment! Michelle, Sarah, me, Jess W., Jes M., and Jess D. Yes, I lived with 3 Jessicas all at once!!! :)A trumpet sounded the arrival of the bride and groom and let us know we were to go into the reception room. It was not a normal ballroom. It was in one of the restaurants of the resort. Three walls were all windows and about 3 stories high with a huge cascading waterfall on one wall (which they turned off due to the noise - but it was still just as pretty without the water). The room was exquisite! And decorated to the nines! Here is one of the 3 foot tall table centers!
We all found our appropriate tables and on came the food! I don't think I've ever had that kind of service at a wedding! The bride is the wedding coordinator for the Hyatt and I found out later that her new hubby is the manager of catering for the Hyatt. A match made in heaven! But they assured me that the service and food are always this wasn't just special for them! :) I wish I would have gotten a picture of the table settings because they were so pretty! We started with a portabella appetizer which was sooo good (also forgot a pic)! Then we had this yummy salad with pears:Next up was our choice of 4 entrees...of course I picked the fillet Mignon! By this time, I was already stuffed and could barely eat my dinner which I was so bummed about because it was so delicious! Please notice the awesome plate! I've never seen anything like it! I took a different pic from the side so you could see the curves of the plate better, but you can't see the food quite as well:)
After dinner was Starbucks coffee and chocolate covered strawberries (with tuxes) and then later on that night we had yummy chocolate wedding cake with banana foster filling. (I usually don't like anything banana flavored even though I like bananas, but this was really good!) Here's the happy couple! Angela looked so beautiful!
Here is a picture of everyone at the wedding that went to Asbury College with us! Yes, my arm looks funny because I was not careful with the sunscreen! Oops! It was gone by the next morning though! It was just there long enough to look funny in pictures:)
All in all we had a wonderful time! I was able to see so many good friends and spend quality time with them! I'm glad you all made it to the bottom of this post! I know it's long! And just because you made it, I'm going to give you a present *wink wink*... a picture of the purse that Billie designed and threw together for me at the last minute so that I'd have an evening bag for the bachelorette party and the wedding! It has green leopard lining! I think it's just so cute! This will be a fun new addition to Abby and Billie Designs!

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Sue said...

What a great weekend you had. 3 Jess's in one apartment? That's funny! You look like you had a fantastic time reuniting with the girls!

Thanks for sharing your weekend in such fun detail and pictures. Jonathan did a GREAT job of picking out your outfit ;-) He's a keeper, Abby!

Your new purse is adorable too - Billie is a sweetie for surprising you with it!