Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Shoes!

Last weekend Jonathan picked out a really cute dress for me for the wedding we're going to in 3 weeks! It's black with white diamond shaped polka dots. Around the empire waste there is a fuchsia pink 2 inch ribbon. So when we were leaving Macy's I told Jonathan that I want to get a pair of fuchsia pink shoes to go with it. I managed to walk past the shoe department on our way out to look at the sale rack. Well of course there were no pink shoes on the sale rack so I went to my next favorite rack....the Jessica Simpson Shoes!!! And yes, there was a pair of fuchsia high heels with open toes! Jonathan was the one to spot them and they were oh so cute. I didn't try them on though because they weren't on sale. But all week they have been on my mind. Do you think I have a problem?? :)

Jonathan found a 25% off Macy's coupon online that he emailed me during the week, so that gave me the notion that he was going to let me get the shoes. I was so excited!! I made plans to go to the mall this weekend so I could try them on and **hopefully** buy them. Then I walked in from work tonight and yes, sitting on my kitchen table was this:

All displayed too! I was mid-sentence and yes, I think I yelled a bit when I saw them. I love me some Jessica's and seriously the higher the heel the better my butt looks, so bring them on!!! So excited!!

Yes, I put them on with my khakis and polo from my Friday work attire and strutted my stuff around the house. Unfortunately one of the shoes is really stretched out! I hate fat footed people! :) ha! So I called Macy's back to have them hold another in my size and this was their last pair in fuchsia. (I've already checked and this style is available everywhere but not in this color on any site...Google can't even find them!!!) So I call the Macy's in my parents city and they told me that they've never seen these shoes in fuchsia! So they are extra special shoes and I will just be getting some insoles to go in one of the shoes and then they will be perfect!

Do I have a wonderful husband or what?? He told me later that he had planned it all week and had checked my other Jessica's for the correct size and called ahead and had them hold my size! How cute is he? Sorry girls...He's all mine!!!


Sue said...

You spoiled young thing you! hee hee

Bravo to Jonathan! He wins the hubby of the week award. My Doug is a sweetie like that too - we are two very blessed ladies ;-)

Your shoes are really sweet and I can't wait to see a pic of you all dolled up! Had to giggle though picturing you in your hot pink shoes and khakis! ;-)

Hugs xo

Michelle Plymire said...

TOO CUTE!! What a sweet husband you have!! You definitely need to post a pic of the whole outfit! :)

Janine said...

what a hubs!! you go girl--rock them shoes! :)

Jess :) said...

That is too cute!! What a great guy J is!! I'm super impressed!! Plus, I LOVE those shoes. I just wish I could wear heels like that...they KILL my feet. :) Oh well, I'm sure you'll look 10 times better in them than I ever would anyway! :)

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Carolina Mama said...

Okay those shoes are so worth missing the Derby! (Oh, last weekend, well am sure this weekend's finds were just as worthy!) ;) Thanks for stopping by. I totally understand. I grew up in New Orleans and we used to go out-of-town for Mardi Gras. :) Now, I have to check out your purse designs.

Jes Meeker said...

i have those shoes in black and i was totally planning on wearing them to the wedding too!! :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Oooo, SUPER adorable. I have them in red, but am thinking I need some pink!