Thursday, May 28, 2009

Florida Weekend Part 2

I know all of my many faithful readers were crushed this morning when I had not posted Part 2 of my weekend yet. I spent my evening last night trying to upload my pics to Facebook and tag everyone in them, but Facebook was acting up and it took me all night to actually get the pics uploaded (thanks to Jonathan for finally doing it for me) :). By the time I was done with FB, it was way too late to start a post!

Last week Florida was a monsoon! It rained every day of the week! (Which made me sad since I wanted to see the Florida sunshine!) When we woke up on Saturday it was cloudy and dark, so we decided to spend the day at the Outlets with one of my dearest, closest friends from college, Brittainy (who I haven't seen in 2 years!), her hubby, Lance and their precious 2 year old daughter. I was bummed that the Florida sunshine was missing, but we had such a blast! We all got some great deals and my friend's daughter was a trooper even though she missed her nap! (I'm really upset that I didn't take any pictures...I even had my camera with me!)

I know you all don't really care about what I bought, but I just have to tell you two amazing deals that I got! Nike was having a sidewalk sale, so I got some new running shorts for $8 and a tank top for $5 and one for $11! (That's amazing when the original prices were $28, $20, and $48!) Then we went to Lucky. I've never owned Lucky jeans before, but the boys wanted to go, so we wandered in there and started looking at the sale racks while they were trying jeans on. And yes, I found a pair of jeans for $29!!! Originally $98!!! And they are way cute! You just can't do better than that. If you all remember with my whole jeans fiasco from the night before, I was pumped to find some cute jeans for the rest of the weekend!

We had so much fun with Brittainy and Lance that we went back to their house, ordered pizza, and sent the guys to Blockbuster...again no pics!!! AHHH!

Sunday when we woke up the sun was peaking out from behind the clouds! YAY!!! After getting some breakfast we threw our suits on and went to bask by the beautiful pool! (I half-heartedly put sunscreen on, so in the pics from the wedding, you can see some funky splotchy marks down my arms and legs!) Brittainy and Lance were able to meet us after church and spent the afternoon with us. It was great 1) to hang out with them and see them; 2) Jonathan always gets bored laying by the pool, so he and Lance could go play chip and putt golf and use the resort amenities while us girls soaked in the sun! Here are some pics from the pool. This is what I call a vacation! Sunshine and water!
Brittainy and me lounging by the pool!
Jonathan enjoying the pool slide. There was a huge slide on the other side of the pool, but the water was frigid from all of the rain all week. This slide was in the heated pool area (which was still quite cool).
How beautiful is this background? I can't imagine working among such beauty! Can you tell which of us is the Florida girl? I think I need a little spray tan! :)

I'm really not trying to keep you all in suspense for the wedding pics, but I just have so much to say from the whole weekend that if I put all of the wedding pics with descriptions in this post, it will be so long that I don't think anyone would get through it. I will conclude this blogging series in Part 3 tomorrow! :)


Sue said...

LOVE the new pic of you & Jonathan! Your polka-dot dress is adorable, especially with the matching earrings :-)

Sounds like a great weekend... so far (hee hee)... and what great deals you found! I'm hoping to find some good deals down at the San Marcos outlet mall in Texas next week when I'm there with Doug on business :-)

Looking forward to part 3!

Hilary said...

Hi Abby!
I got your comment on my Mary Kay blog (there was no email address attached to your comment so that's why I'm replying here!)
I am sorry, but I do not have any Highlighting pens. When I did sell full-time, I would purchase those if someone wanted one. But, I do not have any. I'm sorry that I'm not able to help!
Thanks for contacting me though!