Sunday, June 7, 2009


I took Friday off of work to drive to Cincinnati to see my mom and dad who were visiting my brother's family and spent the day with my mom and nieces and nephew. This trip was also to bring my Dakota baby back home! He had been gone 3 weeks and we missed him so much! My mom and dad were kind enough to watch him so we could go on our trip on Memorial Day weekend, but unfortunately since they live 5 hours away, it's hard to coordinate getting him there and 3 weeks later he is home. He loves going to papa and gramma's house because they spoil him! He gets many more treats and walks at their house. Luckily he wasn't too bratty when we got him back home:). He's actually been a really good dog! (If you know Dakota well, you understand this statement!)

Yesterday Jonathan and I had an appointment to go to see the eye doctor in the morning. I have issues with itchy / burney (is that a word?:)) eyes so I figured I'd go first since I was the complicated patient. I really like my Dr. He's really sweet and is so understanding. He switched my contact type to daily contacts and hopefully that will work...then I was done and waiting for Jonathan. He hasn't been to see the eye Dr. since high school but he only wears glasses at night to drive, so we just wanted to get him a new pair of glasses. (And we found some really cute ones.) They kept doing more test and more tests on him and finally brought me back. He has high pressure in his eyes. (You know that puff test that everyone hates? That's the pressure test.) So he got a bunch of other weird tests and they have now recommended him to a specialist at the University because they believe he has glaucoma...which is absolutely unheard of in anyone this young! Luckily they have caught it early. Once he goes to see the specialist, I will update on this status. Please be praying for him. Moral of the story - Go get your routine physical, eye, dental exams done because you never know when they will find something and the earlier they find it the better!
Needless to say, this took more of our day that we expected.

I spent the afternoon with Lindsy and Kennedy at the YMCA pool. Kennedy had a ball. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Lindsy and I finished up the day at this really cool coffee shop that had awesome food! (This whole time Jonathan was working in the yard! Thanks honey!) All in all we had a very full day (I didn't even have time to do my Shred!!! oh no!)

Today at church the sermon series is called Chill. They invited a Lexington 11 year old girl to come sing her own song called "Chillax." (I had heard about her on Youtube.) Her name is Almira Fawn and she is amazing! Her voice is awesome and she played the guitar and harmonica! Check out her website and you can hear her album! She also plays at Regatta on Monday nights and at Shamrocks on Friday nights. Now we have a great reason to go to Regatta! I haven't been there in forever!

This afternoon is all about "chillaxin". All of our "chores" are done and Jonathan is watching golf and I'm reading blogs. Gotta love days like this! I walked into the living room and saw Coda so chillaxed that his leg was hanging off of the couch and I just had to get a picture! (This cushion is his favorite spot in the house.)

Jonathan is pretty pumped that you can see Tiger on the TV hitting a shot in this picture! :) Oh yeah, and Dakota is 2 weeks past his monthly grooming appointment, so don't mind that he looks like a ragamuffin. HA:)


annalee said...

so glad your weekend involved some fabulous chillaxin'!

Sue said...

I think Dakota looks adorable like a "ragamuffin"... reminds me of a little teddy bear :-D

I am shocked about Jonathan's eye results and I will for sure pray for him. I am really bad with the dentist check-ups. I was traumatized as a kid and I don't go near as often as I should :-( Thanks for the push - I really do need to book an appt.

Glad you had a relaxing weekend (and got your sweet puppy back home!)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I also attend Southland and I was looking for a youtube video of Almira Fawn's Chillax to send to some friends and found your blog. Almira is such a cutie and is an extremely talented little girl.

I noticed the pictures of Dakota. Is he a maltese? I have a maltese named Karli and I'm organizing some quarterly maltese/maltese mix meet-ups at Uptown Hounds. These are just socials where the owners can meet and socialize and the malts can play.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in the meet-ups, e-mail me at