Thursday, June 18, 2009

What does frugal mean?

Since Jonathan and I have been married, every time I leave the house to go shopping without him, he tells me to remember to be frugal. To which I reply, "I always am!" Frugal means a different thing to men than it does to women. To Jonathan I think it means that I should not get my wallet out of my purse under any circumstance. I think I'm being frugal because I ONLY shop off of racks that say sale or clearance and I always have a stack of store coupons! Why is it that I get a bit of a high when I find a really great deal??

Anyway, this past Saturday I was meeting Billie at the mall for some shopping. I didn't need anything but she did, so i was just along for the ride. I got to Macy's a bit early so I walked the shoe department (or should I say the shoe sale racks) and then the jewelry clearance area and then made my way to the purses... (Do you see where I'm going?) A girl should never wander around bored in a department store! I found a table with a 75% off sign! Do I need a purse? NO! I make my own...but then again I make my I never spend money on buying any new ones, so I deserve one right?? You like how my mind works? Don't lie, you do the same thing!

I found this Steve Madden purse that was totally not "me" but way cute and on sale from $58 to $14.50! Yes, you heard me right Steve Madden - $14.50!! I couldn't believe it. I put it back and walked around some more but then I broke down. I went back to get it...I just had to have it!

Even the inside is cute!!!

At The Limited I even put back a shirt on sale for $15 (that I really wanted) because I remembered that I had spent that on my new purse. I think that's pretty darn frugal even if I do say so myself! :)


Jess :) said...

Love that purse and totally love Steve Madden, just about anything! I would have to agree with you on the fact that frugal means something totally different to guys than it does to us. I also have to say that I think you did a fabulous job of being frugal. In fact, probably better that me because I'm pretty sure I would've gotten the Limited shirt, as well!!! :)

Sue said...

I agree... you were being VERY frugal. Hopefully Jonathan understood that when you came home with your new purse, which is very cute btw!

I think I'm with Jess... I would have picked up the shirt too... I mean $30 total for a shirt AND a purse... can't beat those deals ;-)

Go back for the shirt this week - lol ;-)