Monday, June 1, 2009


I was too busy last week blogging about the wedding to blog about my week. So a week later I have to tell you about my run last Tuesday. (Which by the way, was the last time I've gone running! I was exhausted last week after our trip and today it was 91 degrees when I was driving home from work so no running for me! I did do my first day of the Shred tho.) Anyway, back to my run. Last Tuesday I took a vacation day because I knew I would need recoup time from our trip. I woke up late and was getting the house in order and doing laundry and I decided I needed to take a run because it was supposed to rain in the afternoon.

I got my new running outfit (yes it's an actual matching tank top and shorts! whoo hoo for matching!) and started on my run. It was in the 80s and sunny and I was HOT. My subdivision is quite small so I run up and down all of the streets usually two times to get a long enough run in. Anyway, I was over on the other side of the neighborhood towards the end of my run and there is this little black and white Chihuahua on the sidewalk. As I was running towards him I was looking for an owner. I hate running by dogs that aren't on leashes (not because I'm afraid that I'll get a dog bite:)) but because when a dog sees someone running they start chasing and then I feel bad if I keep running because now the owner is trying to run after their's just a mess. Moral of the story...KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEASHES! OK, not really the moral of this story but anyway...

So this little Chihuahua dog is chasing me now and about three houses up I see a lady at her garage so I slow down (which really irritates me because it messes up my speed graph on my Nike+ website!) and ask her if this is her dog. She said she's never seen it. So the dog runs out ahead of me and I start running again. Now the dog thinks its a fun game that I'm chasing it! A few more houses and I see a man working in his yard. I slow down again and call over to him. No, he's never seen the dog. I tried to call the dog so I could read its tags, but I have a little dog and I know that when they don't want to be caught they will either run or bite so I wasn't about to try to corner it. I decided I should cross the street and start running on the other sidewalk and maybe the dog would forget about me and go home. NO, not the case. He was keeping up with me on the other side and looking over at me like he was going to cross. Well I couldn't think of him crossing the street and possibly getting hit. (OK so that part of the neighborhood was so quiet that I don't think I saw a car the entire time I was running so I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten hit...but that's not the point.)

I crossed back over to the other sidewalk and I figured that I would just keep the dog in my sight and then I'll know he's ok. Up ahead of me he walked right up to a front door (by now we are quite far from where I found him). I know on walks that Dakota knows where our house is and will walk up to the front door when we come close enough, so I marched up on the porch and rang the doorbell. A lady answered and she said "SCRAPPY!! You're home!!!" She said she was with her kids and thought the dog was in another part of the house. I don't know if Scrappy gets out much, but I know how terrified I am if Dakota gets out. I would hope that someone would help Coda find his way home. I was just glad I was there to help.

So that's my warm fuzzy story for the day. I tried to find a picture of a black and white Chihuahua online but they only had pictures of puppies. So, since posts are always more fun with pictures AND I miss my little baby (who has been at grandma and papa's house going on 3 weeks so we wouldn't have to put the spoiled brat in a kennel while we were out of town last weekend) here's a pic of Dakota. BTW, I'm driving to go pick him up this Friday! I'm sure he will act out when I get him home because he gets more than spoiled at grammy's house!
Not the best quality picture but it was with my phone a few months ago. Mckmama always does a name that photo contest on her blog. I don't have anything to give away, but don't you all thinks this pic needs a caption?


Lindsy said...

Such a funny story and my quote for Dakota would be "Am I the cutest freaking dog you have ever seen, or I am I the cutest freaking dog you have ever seen. Yeah I am!"

Sue said...

Great story Abby and I think Dakota is saying in that picture, "Mama... is that you? Where have you been? You got some 'splaining to do!"

Glad little Scrappy got home safely thanks to you!