Saturday, June 27, 2009

5k in Wilmore

Early this morning, Nevada, Billie, Jes and I met up to drive to Wilmore to run in a 5K for the Wilmore Fourth of July festivities (a little early I know). We usually just do races in Lexington, but we thought this would be fun. Wilmore is about 20 minutes outside of Lexington and is Small Town America. Everyone knows each other there. Asbury College is located in Wilmore, which is where I spent 4 years of college and even a year after college. Jes and Billie also attended college at Asbury so it was fun to run in the small town. It's major HILLY!!! But lots of fun memories. I know I only live 20 minutes away but I haven't been to Wilmore in a long time so I was surprised to see all of the changes to the campus!
Here is Nevada, Billie, me, and Jes half asleep from waking up so early, but ready to start the race!
It was Jes' first race! I was proud of her for coming out and doing it! Great job, Jes! Also, Nevada is getting ready for a 10K on 4th of July so she's been training a lot. She kept pace with Billie and me the entire time and finished in great time! Yay! Since Billie's 20 weeks prego, she was a bit slower than her normal pace so I was able to stay with her! Usually she leaves me in the dust! HA! We were able to talk the entire way (even through the many hills) about fun college memories! How fun! :)
No, none of us placed (even though Billie usually does!) but they had metals for everyone so we can pretend that we won! :) So we had to get an after picture since they are always so lovely of us all sweaty with our metals!
What a great way to start the day (even if it was insanely early, hot, and humid)! Billie and I headed back to shower and go to an art festival. I think we stayed maybe 2 hours. It was so blazing hot that we were over it! Plus we didn't find anything that we couldn't live without... and you know me, I'm frugal:)
A day like today needs to be either spent in a pool or in air conditioning. I chose the a/c today! Maybe the pool tomorrow!

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Sue said...

Good job on the race. And congrats to Billie and her hubby on her pregnancy. I must have missed you telling us she was pregnant.

I hope you are all nice and cool now and enjoying your A/C. I've been in most of the day in my A/C cleaning in prep for 2 yr old Little Miss "H" and my BFF to return for a week's visit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!