Tuesday, February 2, 2010

College Girls and Snow

This past weekend, some of my old college friends came back to town to visit. We went out to a Hibachi grill on Friday night and had so much fun. I forgot how much we laugh when we are together. My stomach and cheeks were hurting by the end of the night from all the laughter! It seems so crazy that it's been so long since college. Wow, I feel old! But it's fun when we all get together and remember the "good times" and catch up with each other. There were nine of us that ended up going to dinner on Friday night. Then we went to one of my friends' houses so we could continue the laughter. Its wonderful to be blessed with friends like that! Here are some pics from our night!

Ellen, Sarah, Angela, Jessica, me, Michelle, Jessica, Tina, and Jessica (Yes, 3 Jessica's lived in one apartment with me!)
Angela and Jes. Man, I love those girls!
Angela and me. The last time I saw her was at her wedding in May in Florida! (do you remember my post about it?)
Why is it that girls always congregate in the kitchen?
Jess and me. Yes, she is prego with her THIRD baby!!! How exciting:)
Our attempt at a self-timer picture... a little off centered, but it's cute anyway:)
Ellen, me and Michelle
It started snowing Friday night and when we woke up on Saturday, we had a few inches of snow! It was so pretty! Jonathan got dressed first thing to go shovel the driveway (such a wonderful man!) while I made us breakfast. (I'm supposed to go run every Saturday morning...but not in this weather!) We had a great time hanging around the house organizing the office. Then after the UK game (we won!) we left the house to run errands. Jonathan even took me out to dinner...we'll call it a DATE! :)

Jonathan all dressed and ready to brave the snow!
Dakota enjoying the snow!
The view out our front door!
All in all, it was a great weekend. This week is a pretty crazy week at work for me. You might just find me under my desk sucking my thumb. But I will suck it up and put on a smile and get it done! At least I know this craziness only comes around once a year!


Anonymous said...

You got more snow than Toledo! I loved seeing all of your old friends. Some I couldn't recognize. You'll have to fill me in. Looked like a great time!

Jess :) said...

How neat!! I love getting together with friends and it looks like you all had a wonderful time! :) You look absolutely beautiful, by the way!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Kelly said...

Cute blog! I love girls nights. Seeing your pictures makes me miss my sorority sisters.