Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's official!  Our house is for sale and I'm soo excited about it!  On Tuesday night, I had to work late and Jonathan texted me this picture of what he came home to!

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture... he used his iphone and stupid phone doesn't have a flash! :)
We're both a little nervous, but we've been toying with the idea of moving to the other side of town now for a few months and somehow this all came together with such little effort that we have to believe it's God's will.  A friend of ours (who happens to be the realtor that sold us this house) contacted us to go to lunch last week and after talking with him and doing a photo shoot (of the house of course!) the next day, here we are with our house on the market!  Can I say I'm excited?  Oh, I already did?  Well, I am!  I'm trying not to get my hopes up because since we're not in a hurry, we can take our time and find the right offer (hopefully there will be one!)  I'm sure when the time comes to move, it will be bitter-sweet.  This is a cute house and it was our first home so we have many memories.  But it's just that...a starter home and we're ready to find a lifetime home.

We'd really like an older neighborhood, an extra bedroom or office (since our office is occupying one of our bedrooms right now) and we'd like to be closer to my work, which in turn would move us closer to all of our friends which I LOVE!!!

We've scheduled Stanley Steamer to come on Saturday to clean our carpets and we'll be spending the weekend packing away stuff that is being stored in the guest room and office closets to make the house ready to show!  I'm ready to start organizing NOW! (It is a bit freaky to think of strangers going through your closets and cabinets, though!)

When I think about where we were last year at this time, it's pretty overwhelming to think that we were just praying to cover our mortgage payment each month and now we're ready to buy a new house.  God always has a plan.  We clung to that last year and now here we are.  It's pretty awesome.  It makes me emotional thinking about it (or maybe that's just the hormones! HA.  No, I'm not prego.)


The Vallieres Family said...

Congrats! You'll love living on the south end of town, I get emotional just missing it! We always wanted to move in closer to Lexington but still stay on that end of town - I miss Lexington a lot! Good luck, I hope you don't have to wait long!

Crystal said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait until we get to move out of our starter home, but we've only been here a little over 2 years. Oh and by the way you commented about KY colors on my last post, I am def. a KY fan!!!! And I always rub in in the Tarheel and Duke fans when we win :)!!!!!

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

So exciting! Praying for the right buyer to come along with the right offer and SOON!

Justin and Jessica said...

How exciting! We'll hope the selling process goes very smoothly for you! :)

Sue said...

Aw Abby... bless your sweet heart! I'm so excited for you as you move on up to your "lifetime" house. It has been really cool to see your faith grow and your trust in God grow this past year that I've known you. I'm SOOO proud of you!! Can't wait to hear that soon someone wants to start their future in your little home! I'll be praying for ya ;-) Hugs