Monday, February 15, 2010

A few bits of randomness

We got some serious snow last night! I had a 2 hour delay to work today and we're already delayed for tomorrow. It does interfere with all the work I need to do on Mondays, but it was soo pretty. With the snow drifting towards the house, Dakota can't go out the back door to go potty because the snow comes halfway up his body. I was going to get a picture of the pretty snow, but I couldn't find my camera. Doesn't that stink how after you "clean" the house, you can never find anything?


Valentine's Day was wonderful. I was upset at first because I accidentally found out what my gift was by balancing the checkbook online. But Jonathan had a few other things up his sleeve that surprised me! We celebrated on Sunday and had a wonderful day together. After church we went to eat brunch at Joseph Beth's cafe. Unfortunately they were closed due to mechanical problems, but thankfully they were still serving muffins, coffee and quiche. So we had a great lunch and then spent some time wandering around the bookstore. I love doing that. Then we went to see the movie Valentine's Day. It was so cute! I enjoyed seeing all the stars in it! Tons of great actors! Then Jonathan had reservations at Murray's for dinner. It was 4 courses and absolutely wonderful. We both were overly stuffed when we got home! All in all it was a perfect Valentine's day with my sweet Valentine!

These pics are from my phone so they're not the most high quality. This is before dinner:)
We did a good job finishing off that yummy chocolate cobbler!


Three people I work with have started blogs so I wanted to link to them so you call can welcome them to the blogging world! Say hello to Chris, Jeff, and Derrick they are great guys and I'm sure their blogs will be awesome! Derrick created the headers for all three blogs and I'm going to see if he'll help me out on mine since he's so good at it!! :)


Crystal said...

Looks like you had a good Valentines Day!

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day date, Abby! My hubby flew off on a jet plane to CT on business but we spent the weekend celebrating.

I can't get over how much snow you guys have had. We have barely had 2" all winter long up here. Crazy!

Hope you're having a great week! Hugs xo

P.S. What did you think of the Smarties?

Rebecca D said...

What a sweet day... I know he disappointment you felt balancing the checkbook... I did a little online bill paying the week before Christmas and even though he told me how much to deduct from the check register, when I logged on I accidentally saw the store name and blew his surprise... I faked it... he didn't need to be disappointed too... but I was bummed... there are so few "good" surprises in adulthood.