Thursday, February 11, 2010


If you remember a while back, I went to a Bible study at my church and it just wasn't for me... or for my girlfriends. It felt more like a waste of time than anything we would learn to grow from. And I came to the realization that we are all at different places spiritually, and that just wasn't the right place for me.

I went into work and talked with some coworkers about it and they suggested that I talk to the staff in the "study" department. So I did and I found out that our church loans out Bible study videos that they own! I started looking through all of the different DVD Bible studies and the one that caught my eye was Beth Moore's Daniel study. I knew a few people who had completed this course and said it was absolutely amazing. So, instead of paying $200 for the leader's kit, I "rented it" from church! Nice!Four of my girlfriends and I decided to meet each week to do this study and so far we are 3 weeks into it. We all purchased the study guides that have 5 days worth of devotions each week relating to the material. We meet on Wednesday nights and yes, that means I don't get home until after 9 or even 9:30 on those nights, but I think it is so worth it.

For me it's hard to keep up with daily devotions like the ones in this book, but I've tried to be really disciplined and I feel like I've gotten so much out of the piece of scripture that we have studied so far! Beth is amazing at showing new truths that I had never even thought of when reading or hearing the Daniel story. She relates this Old Testament book to our modern day society and it is just so relevent regarding how we should be living.

I'm so glad that we decided to start this study and I can't wait to see the other great things that God will reveal to me through it! And I love having a time to get together with my girlfriends to talk about deeper things than just the fun fluffy stuff we usually talk about:) I encourage everyone to get involved in a Bible study, they are so meaningful and might have to try a couple to find the one that is right for you. Check with your church. They might loan out studies too!

**I'm also pretty pumped because Beth is coming to Lexington this summer and I'm so excited to see her in person!**


Chelsea said...

I'm doing her Esther study right now. It's fantastic. I've seen her speak live several times. You're going to love her!!

Rhea said...

Hmm....I have only done one Beth Moore study, but this has inspired me to check out some of her other stuff. Glad to hear you started your own study-I've thought about doing the same, but haven't pursued it. Maybe I should get off my butt and do that soon!

Michelle Plymire said...

Yay!! Beth Moore is amazing, Daniel is by far my very favorite study of hers! That's a really tough one to start with on your own! The "homework" can be pretty heavy, so good for you!! I don't think I would have had the motivation to do it on my own like that :)