Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zebra Print Awning

You can't go wrong going to a restaurant with a zebra print awning outside for a girl's night out!  Talk about the perfect place!  This past weekend Lindsy turned 30!  I think she was trying to ignore it so it would go away, but we couldn't do such a thing!  Last night Billie, Courtney and I took Lindsy out for a girl's night at Saul Good and we had a great time!  Between the food and the atmosphere, Saul Good was so inviting.  (I'm so upset with myself that I forgot my camera!  And I couldn't use my iphone because of the dim lighting.)

Everyone I know raves about the place, but for some reason I had only been there once before.  I ordered the Hawaiian Burger.  It came with a pineapple and teriyaki sauce on it and was TO  DIE FOR!  And don't get me started on their seasoned fries.  I went and told the server that we were celebrating a birthday and they brought this cute plate that had "Happy 30th Birthday" written on it in chocolate and then had chocolate covered popcorn in it!  YUM!  For dessert Lindsy tried the cheesecake and (yes, I had to try it!) it was delicious and the other three of us got their chocolate chip cookie dessert.  It comes out hot in a skillet with ice cream on it.  wow! 

We talked, laughed and opened presents until we about shut the place down.  Seriously.  There were only 2 tables of customers left when we finally headed out the door! :)  We had so much fun.  We really need to take the time for "girl time" more often and not just wait for birthdays to get together like that!  Next time might be PF Chang's because Billie's never been there and Jonathan hates it so it always has to be a girl's night out place to eat. 

I really wish I had a picture of the outside of Saul Good.  It's just too cute to not like! :)  If you all live in the Lexington area, you have got to go eat there!  They are in the process of opening their second location in Hamburg so you have no excuses! :) 

Dang it!  Now I'm hungry thinking about that yummy food...


Janine said...

So much fun...so sorry I couldn't be there to help her ring in the big 3-0 with y'all! But so glad that she has such great friends there to do this for her. And Saul Good is a great choice! ;)

Amy Prikazsky said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed your girls night!