Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Party!

One thing I love to do? Entertain:) I absolutely love having a house full of people. I just love the sound of all of my friends laughing and talking and having fun! So of course, I was all about a Super Bowl party. Derek, Billie, Justin, Jes and Tim came over to watch the game. Poor Lindsy was sick so she stayed home. We missed her:(
Jonathan told me I couldn't go overboard on making food (like usual), but we did have some delicious stuff. Some Chili and cornbread...
Some Queso... I got the recipe from The Real Housewife In Minnesota.
And some cute cupcakes on a football field plate:) that NONE of the boys ate! Not that I'm annoyed or anything... (And can you believe Lindsy made cookies when she was sick??)
Here are the boys lounging watching the game... classic boy pose.
Little Eli studying the football game...learning everything to know about the Super Bowl!
The girls:)

I'm so thankful for such great friends and fun parties!


Janine said...

Looks like fun!! Eli really has gotten so big! Cute!!

Crystal said...

I always want to make way too much food and Christian always has to tell me not so much!!!

Heather said...

abby, everything looks so good! I love having a house full of people too!! Glad you had a great time!

Real Housewife in MN said...

Just finally getting through my reader and saw that you made the queso dip. That's awesome! Isn't it heaven!?!?!? Hopefully it went well!