Friday, April 2, 2010


Today was the day folks!  We just closed on our new house!  We are sooo excited about our new house, the location, the yard, the extra square feet (and room for a nursery!) and extra storage!  We feel so blessed!  Here's the sad part... We can't take possession for another two weeks.  Bummer.  Hopefully those two weeks will fly by with all of my procrastination in packing.  Since my parents are in town for Easter and Jonathan's mom was in town to do our closing (that's what she does for a living) we got to do the final walk through together so that our parents could see the new house!  It's much better in real life than in pictures!

I've hired a moving company for two weeks from today and I'm pretty thrilled that my hubby won't be responsible for driving a giant U-Haul.  After our move into our current house I decided we would never do that again.  I was so stressed.  Jonathan was in complete control but I couldn't handle the pressure of watching him try to maneuver a giant clunker that only went 40mph tops on the highway!  Seriously I think we got a pretty stinkin good deal on the moving company.  A truck and 3 men (including the owner) for $100 an hour!  And they were recommended by multiple people at work that they are really careful and efficient.  So all of our friends can let out a collective breath that we will not be roping them into lugging furniture or our washer and dryer up/down stairs!  

Just one more step in this crazy life of ours!  Can you tell I can't wait?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I will only have a 2 mile commute!!! Let's say it together... TWO MILES!  Whoohoo!!


Jenn said...

Exciting times!! I was hoping for pictures... =) Hope the next two weeks fly by!!!

Happy Easter weekend!!


Murdock's mama said...

That is wonderful news! So many exciting things going on at your house! Congrats! :)

Murdock's mama said...

WOW! My 'word' was crazy is that?! :)

Shannon said...

Hey! I heard through the grapevine (Cindy Willison) : ) That you are moving to the neighborhood where she lives! My fiance lives there now and when I move in in July, looks like we will be neighbors! We loove it there! Good luck with all the packing! : )