Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinner Last Night

With my weird food aversions and nausea many things don't sound good to me to eat.  My poor hubby.  I couldn't tell you the last time I fixed a real meal because every time I think about a meal to cook, whatever it is sounds nasty.  I have fleeting feelings here and there where something sounds good, but if I wait about 5 minutes, it sounds gross.  I'm getting pretty annoyed with it all!

Anyway, last night Jonathan decided to fix hot dogs and brats.  (I know I shouldn't eat this, but seriously it sounded okay at the time so I didn't care!)  While he was grilling he asked if I'd get some food together that we could eat with the meat.  So, I stood in front of the fridge and pulled out everything that didn't turn my stomach.  Then I went and stood in my pantry (yes, it's big enough to actually stand in and I will deeply miss it when we move!) and again looked for anything that might sound good.

This is what I came up with.  I put it all on my plate and then had to laugh at the randomness of it all.  Then since I'm a serious blogger and my blog readers are always on my mind, I decided to take a picture to share with you so that you can all understand my weirdness lately.

A fat free hotdog and a fat filled brat (they equal each other out!!) with no buns (the buns sounded nasty), a left over boiled egg from Easter (I thought I'd have one for breakfast today because it was so yummy, but this morning it sounded gross.), a Claussen pickle (I love these whether I'm pregnant or not!), Fat Free refried beans with cheese (Ever since our trip to San Antonio and I had the most delicious Mexican food and then got sick, I cannot even bare think about Mexican food, but as I was standing in the pantry, this called my name.  It was good, but I still cannot think of eating Mexican food.), and homemade applesauce that I'm thankful we made in the fall and froze.

I can't figure out why I was sick after dinner...Can you?  Looking at that picture today makes me gag.  Lovely isn't it? :)

I understand if you think I'm too weird and you never come read my blog again. I hope this food thing gets better by 2nd trimester!


Crystal said...

Girl I feel your pain and understand!!!

Sue said...

LOL Oh Abby! It reminds me of stories my sister used to tell when she was pregnant. Sort of glad I never had to go through with what I'm sure feels like never-ending days of queasiness. Let's hope it's over for you quickly, Sweetie xo

Janine said...

I had a hard time with Mexican food, too. JUST got over it with our trip to Cancun. Poor Josh, he had nearly 6 months without any Mexican food! It DOES get better ;)

Jenn said...

Oh Abby (my little girl is Abby btw!) I understand! I felt like I had the flu for 9 months - twice! It really is a short time that FEELS like forever! Plain - simple - boring food will be your friend!! ;) it is worth it!!