Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 10

Today is Week 10!!!  And you want to hear the really exciting news?  I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm feeling better!  For the past three days I've felt better.  (aka I haven't needed saltines!) Maybe a couple weird queasy spells but nothing quite as bad as it was 24-7 for the past couple weeks!  I don't want to say that the nausea is gone and jinx myself, but I'm hoping it is!

I still have 3 weeks until my next doctor's appointment so I don't have much new to post.  But I have decided to post my week 9 and week 10 belly pictures.  I can see a difference.  See if you do too.  Pretty much none of my regular clothes fit and all of my fat clothes are packed in bins in the garage ready for the move!
Week 9
Week 10
Which reminds me... "The Move"... Movers are coming Friday (in 3 days!!) at 9am to start our move!  Billie and Derek helped us pack our pantry and kitchen this past weekend and it was much needed help.  I was so overwhelmed, so I was so happy that we had the extra help!  We ran out of boxes though, so we only have half of the kitchen packed.  I tried to make dinner tonight and I reached for the measuring cups and the drawer was empty.  Then I reached for the salt and all 3 shakers were packed.  Then I needed a wooden spoon...and guess what?  it was packed!  yep.  But somehow dinner turned out:)

Tomorrow we are packing the rest of the kitchen, our closet and all of the rest of the random stuff lying around.  Hopefully by Thursday we will have possession of the new house so we'll spend Thursday night cleaning (me) and bringing loads of boxes that we don't want the movers to take (Jonathan). 

As you can tell, we have a really busy week so it might be a while until I'm able to post again!


Crystal said...

Yes you can see a difference from week 9 to 10!!! I feel like I popped out over night this week. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Good luck with the move!!!!

Sue said...

So much excitement going on down there Abby! I'm so so thrilled for you Sweetie. I'll be praying all goes well Friday ;-)

Lindsy said...

I can see a little difference. Yay! Please let me know how Tim and I can help - we are at your service! =) So exciting.....I so remember that kitchen stuff. I had to go out and basically buy a bunch of disposable cutlery and microwaveable meals for that last week in the old house and 1st week in the new. Craziness! It's all so exciting though.

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

YAY! I remember last summer when I was pregnant I started feeling better around week 10 also. Before that? YUCK! Swollen, nauseated and SO TIRED! You're almost to that 2nd trimester!

Have a great move this week! We've moved a lot in our marriage, so we know how stressful and fun it can be all at the same time. Oh, and if you need free boxes, check out liquor stores! I know that sounds weird, but they have nice, strong boxes that they will give away. It's always funny for us though, because I'm sure our movers think, "Who is this pastor with all these booze boxes?" :)

Jess :) said...

So cute, Abby!!!!! LOVE your adorable belly and look forward to watching it grow!! :) Still praying that this pregnancy continues to go well! Also praying the move goes off without a hitch!!!!!!!!!