Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I love Easter.  And not just because of the yummy candy and the plastic eggs.  I enjoy remembering the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrating it.

My parents came to visit us this weekend and we got a lot accomplished!  Our house doesn't feel like our "home" anymore!  It's really weird.  All of my decorations and wall hangings are packed away and the house is torn apart.  But I'm glad they were here to help us with it all because let's be honest.  I was overwhelmed!  So we were busy all day yesterday with errands and packing boxes.  We always use our garage to park both of our cars in and now neither of us can fit our cars in the garage with all of the boxes!  It seems like our crap stuff multiplied!

My wonderful husband bought me these beautiful tulips.  The first Easter that we were dating I was visiting my parents for Easter and he had a huge bouquet of tulips sent to me.  He's so romantic!!
Here is a pic from after church.  Thanks to Billie for my outfit.  Unfortunately I had nothing to wear for Easter and I refused to wear jeans so she loaned me one of her outfits:) 

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Sue said...

Happy Easter Abby! Just think how special next year's celebration will be with your new family member... in your new house :-D

I'm glad your folks were there to celebrate with you and help you with some of the "overwhelm". Try & take it easy too. Don't want you too stressed with all that "knittin'" going on in there ;-) Hugs xo