Wednesday, August 4, 2010

26 Weeks

Yesterday ended my 26th week!  I think I say this every week, but seriously the weeks are flying by!!  Everything is going well.  I'm happy to report that I really think my aqua fitness class is helping with my muscle and ligament pains!  My next appointment is in two weeks so I should have lots of fun stuff to report after that appointment since we'll get to see Adalyn!!!  I can't believe that I am this close to my 3rd trimester! wow!  I thought these 10 months would crawl by but they really haven't!

According to What to Expect, Adalyn is now measured from her head to her toes (instead of her rump) so she should be around 15 inches and about 2.2lbs!  Her weight has doubled from four weeks ago!  She can hear better now, which is probably why sometimes when Jonathan talks to her she kicks back.  It is so precious!  The other night I really think she was trying to talk to him!  Back and forth!  Her taste buds are developed now and did you know that she has more taste buds now than she will have outside the womb?  Crazy!  I think she really enjoyed my yummy birthday cake:)  She is extremely active now at certain times of the day/evening and I love feeling her do her acrobatics! 

We have finally chosen furniture for the nursery!  YAY!  I knew it would all start to come together.  We haven't purchased it yet, but hopefully this weekend we will be doing that!  I also have about 4 different sets of pink paint chips that I'm trying to choose from to paint her nursery.  Painting will begin next week so that will be exciting!!  We also registered this past weekend because Jonathan's office is throwing him a baby shower before he leaves the department (which is why it's so early).  It was more fun to register than I thought it would be.  Don't get me was exhausting and so many decisions, but it was fun to picture Adalyn using all of the stuff!  Everything we do lately just keeps making it more and more real!


Sue said...

I love the story about Jonathan and Adalyn talking together - hee hee SOOOO cute!

Can't wait to see/hear more about the furniture and see her room all put together. I am living vicariously through you right now Abby and I couldn't be more thrilled for you Sweetie!!

Hugs xo

Heather said...

You are still looking great!! The weeks will continue to fly by, praying for a smooth rest of the pregnancy!!