Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jonathan's Work Shower

We had our first shower last Friday!  Jonathan's work gave him a shower/going away party before he leaves the department this week.  The ladies (and a couple guys, but I'm willing to bet it was only the ladies) that Jonathan works with planned a full pink shower!

They had some serious decorations throughout the entire office.
They had a great spread of food!
There was even a precious cupcake-cake!
One of the stipulations in the invitation was that everyone in the office had to wear pink shirts.  Good thing my man is all about wearing pink!  I think it's sweet that the whole office got into it!
The office went together and bought Adalyn's highchair!  How exciting!  Our first piece of baby gear!  Wasn't that soo sweet?
And one of Jonathan's coworkers bought us the most precious sundress for next summer!  What I would have given to watch Jonathan open up a cutsie little pink sundress and bloomers:)
I was told that they even played games!  (No pictures to prove it!)

Of course as soon as we got home Friday night Jonathan had to do the daddy thing and put together the new high chair!  It was so fun to watch him put it together! It's fun to picture Adalyn using it one day:)
I think it was so sweet of his office to go all out for our little baby girl! 


Jess :) said...

How cute is that!?!!! Love that office ALL dressed in PINK!! :) And how awesome...the Chicco highchair. Perfect!!

Can't wait to keep seeing all of the fun items you get from other showers. So much FUN!

MishMish said...

So, so sweet & cute!! And I love the cupcake cake!