Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Won!! I Won!!

I entered a giveaway a week ago at Shannon's blog, Bless Our Nest and I won!!!  The contest was for a diaper/wipe pouch from Lindsey at Egg On The Head.  You can check out her cute store on Etsy here or check out her blog here.  She uses really cute designer fabrics and what a perfect time for me to win a baby item! :)

Shannon and Lindsey were both great to work with and yesterday when I got home from work guess what was in my mail!!!

I absolutely love it!  And I love the fabric she chose!  It's not baby-ish, which is one of my complaints with a lot of baby gear.  It looks like fabric I would make a bag out of, so I know I'll feel stylish when I'm cleaning up poo! :)  Thanks girls!!! I love it and can't wait for Adalyn to be here so I can use it!


Chelsea said...

So CUTE! I won a giveaway yesterday too! Isn't it the best feeling?

My cousin gave me the CUTEST diaper bag. It doesn't scream BABY and there are no animals anywhere to be found! I'll probably post a picture of it on Friday or something. You'll love it.

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Ha! Glad you won!! I was so pumped that Brendon won HOH... Don't ask me why I want him to win. I guess it's because I can't stand Matt and I want the Brigade broken up! It's getting good now.

Shannon said...

Great fabrics! Love it!! I thought it was perfect you won since you are expecting! :)