Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Our weekend has been jam packed full of go go go!  Yesterday I looked at Jonathan and asked him if every single weekend until November 9th was going to be this crazy!  I miss normal hang around the house weekends.  But there is just too much to do to hang around the house!  Our poor house and yard are seeing the effect of this.

Friday started out my fun weekend.  I had a birthday dinner with Billie and Lindsy at Regatta Seafood!  You all... I did it again...No, I didn't wear that same tank top for the third time...

I just cannot resist a pair of pumps.  And unfortunately Regatta has little to no parking so walking to and from the restaurant was not so fun.  But the food was amazing!!!  And it was so much fun to have a girl's night with my two favorite girls!  We didn't get a picture of us in the restaurant so this is a picture from outside the restaurant.  I had a wonderful night!  Thanks girls!!! I love you!
My girlfriends know me so well and are both so generous.  Please look at these fun gifts they gave me!!

Billie got me this apothecary jar!  I love it!!!  Now I need to figure out what to put in it:)  It looks soo great on my buffet!
Lindsy clued me in to the Tervis Tumbler craze that I hadn't heard about and gave me this fun tervis tumbler with my initial. I need to stay hydrated!  And she gave Adalyn her first giant hair bow!  I LOVE it!!!  I cannot wait to see it on her precious little head!
Saturday morning Billie and I woke up bright and early to go to the Lil Lambs consignment sale.  It only comes around twice a year and since it was Saturday most of the stuff was 50% off!  This was my first baby consignment sale and it was soo much fun.  I filled up my laundry basket (they don't have carts) to overflowing and got some amazing deals.  I got the same Bundle Me (in the same color) that I had registered for at Babies R Us for only $4!!!  And Adalyn scored some great name brand clothes for under $5 each!  They also had some new items to buy that were donated to the sale... bows and hats.  I went a bit crazy because the prices were so great!  See for yourself...
(They came 3 to a pack so I wasn't completely insane:))  The UK hair band is Jonathan's favorite!  I bought it just for him!  Adalyn's going to be a precious little UK cheerleader this football/basketball season! 

When I got home, Jonathan and I went to buy the nursery furniture.  The store had the crib and changing table/dresser in stock so after a crazy afternoon of trying to borrow then rent and then find a friend with a truck and two trips to the other side of town, we now have the furniture in our house!  We do have a chest of drawers that is on order but I'm so excited that we got to take the two pieces with us!  We will not be taking them out of the boxes until the painting is finished, but you can bet that as soon as the paint is dried the crib will be put together with all of the bedding:)  I'm so excited!

...Which brings us to the four different colors of sample pinks that are on the nursery walls.  Do you remember how many colors of green I had in my kitchen/living room?  I have issues deciding on the Perfect Color!  I have been told by my precious husband that I will be making a decision before the end of the week so he can get started.

Those things along with a ton of other stuff kept us hopping all weekend but we were able to get a lot finished!  I think we even found a fun chandelier for Adalyn's room...


Sue said...

Wow... what a busy weekend. Glad you had a fun girl's night out to celebrate your birthday! Your gifts are very cool.

Can't wait to see the pink room all dolled out with the new furniture. Getting SO excited for you!!


Murdock's mama said...

Super exciting weekend! Love the hair bows!! Can't wait to see the nursery!

Crystal said...

Love the bows and hats!!! I love the UK one but I will never find one down here with all these Tar Heel fans. I might have to out my family on a mission to find one for me up!!!