Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Randomness

Every weekend going forward will be crazy busy and of course this one was no different.  Let's go back to Thursday night.  We went to Lowe's (I wish they had reward points since we seem to spend a lot of time and money there!) to get some wire shelving for the nursery closet.  It's an inexpensive way to get serious organization and I'm pretty excited about it.  (Hopefully they will get installed next weekend!)  After Lowes, we went to Old Navy, Gap, and Motherhood to look for a dress. I have a shower and wedding to go to next weekend and then my baby showers start the weekend afterwards so I knew I needed at least one dress. (Thankfully I found 2 on sale and we won't talk about how tent-like they look!)

Friday I finally broke down and called my Doctor's office to check on my glucose test and yes I PASSED! No 3 hour test for me! YAY!  And I was well within range.  What was not within range was my iron.  It was quite low and I'm now on a supplement for it.  Hopefully the supplement will help with my fatigue. 

After work, we went shopping for the shower and wedding this next weekend and then I introduced Jonathan to his first consignment sale!  Boy was he excited (can you sense my intense sarcasm?)  It was a small sale compared to the last sale I was at and they didn't have as high of standards for the clothes, so I didn't find anything worth buying in that category.  We did find a couple pregnancy books for $2 that I was planning on buying anyway. Then as we were standing in line with Billie and Derek, Derek spotted a Bumbo box under a table so Jonathan ran over to check it out.  Sure enough it was a brand new pink Bumbo with a tray for $25 (normally $50)  SCORE! I got home and immediately took that off the registry!

Saturday morning bright and early, Jonathan got to witness his 2nd ever consignment sale.  This sale had a way better selection of clothes and we got a bunch of great deals (even a way cute pink overall jumper with a UK logo embroidered on it with its tags still on!) And we got an arm-full of kids' books for next to nothing!  Jonathan was a good shopper!

Then I went with Billie, Lindsy and Courtney to the 2 Chicks Annual Barnyard Sale! Everything outside is 50% off and inside is 20% off and I got some great jewelry (hey, it's the only thing that still fits!) and a few cute decorations for the nursery.  I keep gathering decorations in the hopes that when I finally get to the point of hanging and placing, it will all look cute!

We have a dinner club with our Sunday School class where we sign up and every 4 months they put together new groups of 4 couples and each month we go to each others' houses to have dinner together.  Since our class has at least 70 people in it, it's a great way to make deeper relationships.  I was to bring a dessert Saturday night, so I decided to make The Pioneer Woman's Raspberry Cream Pie.  It was sooo easy and a HUGE hit!  I totally recommend making it.  It's a perfect light summery dessert.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday school.  Then we decided to try a new burger joint which was not good. Boo!  Living in a college town, there are usually fun new places to try out each school year, unfortunately I don't think this one will last!  (Yes, it's also called Hugh Jass Burgers.  Seriously.)  Then since we were on campus, Jonathan took me past his new office!  I'm so impressed.  He went from the nastiest building on campus to the newest building which also happens to be the largest pharmacy educational building in the world! It was beautiful! I'm so proud of him and happy for him!

Sunday afternoon, Billie came over and we started one of my sewing projects!  I'm soo excited about it.  It was time consuming to actually set up, but I think it will be so worth it when I finally finish it!!  You'll just have to wait for pictures until it is finished!

If you made it to the bottom of this crazy long and wordy post then I am so impressed!  Thanks for sticking with me!  Hopefully every Monday post wont be quite this long!


Crystal said...

You did have a busy weekend! Girl I completely understand about feeling "tent" like in dresses. I got one a couple of weeks ago for my showers and I feel huge in it. Oh well...I guess we are supposed to look big and preggo at our showers :)

Lindsy said...

Everyone at my work loved that pie too. So yummy!
Glad to hear you found some dresses.

Heather said...

So glad you passed!! YAY!! That pie looks delish!! So happy to hear that you found some dresses!

Heather said...

Um, oops that was me. Wrong account before! HA!

Anonymous said...

Glad the Blog fills in the details that you miss in our phone calls, Love you sweetie. Proud of all your projects youre working on. I know they will all be great. Mom