Monday, August 23, 2010

Ultrasound Pics and Dr. Appointment

Friday we had our 28 week Doctor's appointment!  I started off the appointment by drinking my orange glucose drink.  I have to say this about it...Everyone talks about gagging it down and how absolutely horrible it is.  Yes, it was like drinking syrup and burned my throat on the way down, but seriously?  I have tasted WAY worse.  So I was actually surprised that it went down as well as it did.  I should get those results sometime early this week.  Let's pray I passed!!  I really don't want to go back for the 3 hour test!

While we were waiting the hour for the test, we went back for the ultrasound!  I had an ultrasound tech that I had never had before and she was so sweet.  She took so much time with the ultrasound and we had a great time seeing our little girl.  She asked where we worked and when I told her that I work at Southland, she said that is where she goes to church.  Pretty awesome.  That is one thing about working at a church, people ask all the time where you work and when I tell them, it always leads to a conversation about it.  Anyway, without even asking her to, she switched to 3D and 4D to get some pictures of our sweet baby girl!  She was oohing and aahing just as much as we were looking at her smile!  After drinking that sugar drink I was quite surprised that Adalyn was so inactive during the ultrasound.  She just slept away curled up with her arms across her face and her legs all curled up.  But we were able to get some angles of her face!  (Of course she was kicking and moving all around when we went back to the waiting room after the ultrasound!)

Here are some pictures of Adalyn and her little chubby cheeks (2D, 4D and then 3D)!  She is 2.8 lbs and her head circumference is only in the 34th percentile.  I will take a small head thankyouverymuch! :)  She's already taking after her daddy:)
My appointment went well.  My blood pressure is low and I was told that my swelling and aches and pains are normal and unless my blood pressure increases, there is nothing to be worried about!  So that is good!  I didn't write on here why I was having this extra ultrasound because we thought the issue would go away, but it hasn't.  My doctor isn't concerned about it, but at this point my placenta is low.  My doctor says that we still have time for it to move to where it should be before delivery, but it's hard not to think about the "what if".  Either way, Adalyn is safe; it just makes a difference in the delivery if the placenta has not moved.  We will have another ultrasound in 6 weeks to check it again.  I am choosing to not worry about it (as much as I can) and just be thrilled that I get to see pictures of my little girl again in 6 weeks!

So all in all, we have a healthy little girl and a healthy pregnancy!


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Justin and Jessica said...

She's a cutie! :)

I had placenta previa when I was pregnant the second time. The placenta moved when I was about 28-30 weeks pregnant. We'll pray that yours does too. But you're right, she's healthy, and that's what you can focus on! :)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Cute pictures! I am glad I am not the only one that thought the drink wasn't that bad. Ha!

Sue said...

Oh Abby... she is BEAUTIFUL! Looks like she has her daddy's nose :-D SOOOOO cute! That 3D/4D technology is way too cool.

I'll be praying for your placenta to move up to where it needs to be for Adalyn's safe arrival!

Hugs xo

Heather said...

That is great news!! Your right, there are way worse drinks then the glucose testing, say Dr. Pepper!! Hate the stuff. These pictures are precious!! It melted my heart!

Crystal said...

I'm so glad you had a better time with the glucose test than I did!!! Your little one is so cute!!!

Lisa said...

Oh Abby, she's so cute!!

Jane Woodward said...

Such a sweet face! You'll be amazed how accurate those pics will be!