Thursday, August 19, 2010

28 Weeks

So I finished my 28th week on Tuesday, which means I have now started my 8th month!!!  I had so many posts this week that I'm way behind in posting my belly shot!  I had a meeting at work Tuesday night and would you believe that neither Jonathan nor I remembered that it was belly picture day??  So this is my 28 week 1 day picture (in the nursery!!)

According to What to Expect, Adalyn is the size of a small cabbage, 17 in, 2.9lbs.  She is so active now.  She moves around all the time!  Sometimes she kicks or punches and they are big movements, but many times I just feel her shifting around and moving.  And sometimes you can just see little ripples in my stomach.  It's so precious!  What isn't quite as precious is the lovely stretch marks she has given me that just keep growing.  But oh well.  That comes with it.  I knew I wasn't going to get out of this whole ordeal without stretch marks. 

I have had some swelling issues.  It was pretty bad after sitting still for multiple hours at the Beth Moore Conference last weekend.  Since we were in the arena there was no leg space and my entire legs and feet were very swollen.  Thanks to my husband two weeks ago, he bought me a foot rest to keep under my desk at work so that I can prop up my feet.  I think it is really helping.  In the last two days, the crazy 105 temperatures and humidity have subsided and lo and behold, my feet look quite normal!  Yay!  My mom and J wanted me to call the doctor on Monday when my swelling was so bad over the weekend.  But I held off because I figure it's just another one of those lovely side effects of pregnancy to teach me humility.  I'll talk to the nurse about it at my appointment today, but I'm sure it's normal with how stinkin hot this summer has been!

Speaking about my appointment...Today is my BIG appointment!  I'm going in to have a normal check up, blood work, my glucose test, and another ultrasound!  I can't wait to see Adalyn again!!  I'm really hoping the ultrasound tech will switch over to 3D for me so I can really see her!  I can barely wait!!!  Here's hoping I pass my glucose test the first time around!

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Chelsea said...

Good luck today!

Just go to your local pharmacy and take your blood pressure every now and then. Stephen makes me do it everytime we go to the grocery store or CVS! You shouldn't swell too much so you're smart to mention it.

I've been lucky not to get any stretch marks on my belly. (They say it comes from your momma.) But I have several on my... um... hiney.