Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Date Night Courtesy of Groupon

On Friday night Jonathan and I went on a double date with Tim and Lindsy to see the Lexington Legends baseball team play. A couple weeks before, Lindsy had called me to see if I had seen the 2 for 1 Legends tickets on Groupon and I told her that I was thinking about getting them ($13 is a cheap date!) so she asked if we wanted to get them and then make it a double date. Sounded good to me! Lindsy was nice enough to go over to the stadium a day early to redeem our vouchers for 4 tickets together.  We wanted to make sure we had good seats. And good seats they were. Behold...

Yes, this was taken during the game. Yes, it was a perfect night for a ball game - 0 humidity and not hot. Yes the place was empty!

Jonathan's mom had asked to come in town to see Adalyn so we took advantage of free child care and enjoyed a night together!

Reminds us of old times... Back when we had social lives and did fun things on Friday nights (you know, other than grocery shopping)

They had this guy as entertainment during the innings and he was a hoot! We laughed so hard.  I wish he was at every game because I'd so make sure we came to games more often. We googled him and he travels all over to ball parks doing his "nerd" routine. So funny! We had a great time. We enjoyed ball park food (although we found out after we got food that our seats were in a special section that had waiters and an acutal menu - oh well. I wanted a ball park hotdog anyway), great company, and an exciting game (we won by scoring a run -with a throw coming into home- in the bottom of the 9th)!  I can't wait till our next date night!

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Sue said...

What a fun double date! Glad you guys all had a blast ;-)