Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun in the SUN!

After Adalyn's nap today we went out to our lower deck out back and played in her new pool. It was only $10 which would explain why the "shade" doesn't actually shade her body and also doesn't keep air in it. But Adalyn seems to love it and I love that the floor of it is also blown up so it's soft for her to sit (and possibly fall - not that we would know anything about that).  Today she was way too busy to take pictures. She has figured out how to splash and loves it! I had to keep my phone under a towel because she was going to town! Such a fun time with my baby! I can't wait to take her to a big pool and see what she does.

 This picture cracks me up. After swimming Adalyn got a bath so I just put a onesie on her for the evening. I am so not a fan of screen printed clothes for babies (just my opinion - it's ok if you don't agree) but we got this onesie before she was born and I thought it was cute. Once I put it on her I didn't like it because I don't like her wearing black. (Silly I know). But anyway, I put her in it today and then while I was putting my (31) beach bag away I found her sunglasses that I thought we had lost on our trip to Toledo. When I saw how cute the glasses would be with the onesie I had to put them on to get a picture. Well right as I was snapping the picture she reached up to rip them off her head so it looks like she was posing. LOVE it!!


Anonymous said...

Looove that onesie!!!! I also cannot believe your baby is in black! So cute

Murdock's mama said...

ADORABLE photo!! Such a cute rocker girl! :)