Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Splish Splash

My sweet baby girl had goopy eyes yesterday when I picked her up after work. Pink Eye has been passed back and forth between Jonathan and myself the past couple months and it's awful! Neither of us have had it for quite some time so I'm not sure where Adalyn got it. But we made an appointment with the doctor for first thing this morning to confirm and to get some eye drops. Since she can't be around other kids for 24 hours, I got an unexpected day off work with my sweet girl. I decided it would be fun to go to the pool. Then I remembered that I don't have a bathing suit so the pool is out. So I pulled out her old baby tub and filled it up in our front walkway (because I'm classy like that and the yard didn't have any shade) and called it a pool!

She LOVED it. She has always loved bath time but I wasn't sure what she would think about the cold water but she enjoyed it! She was splashing and having so much fun. It was so cute. Adalyn's new "trick" this week is sitting for long periods of time without assistance! I wanted to upload a video of her sitting but I'm having issues with youtube right now (it goes back to the initial google email address issue from last month.) So maybe I'll post that later. Here are some pictures of the "pool" day!

 The sweet bathing suit with her initial from "Aunt" Lindsy as a shower gift. Love the tutu!
 Love that profile with the chubby cheeks
 Getting really into it!

 More splashing!
I think she's going to be a little fish! I'm trying to get her registered for a mommy & me swim class. I think she'll love it!

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Sue said...

Those pictures Abby... just melt my heart. What a DOLL! And Lindsy... what a precious bathing suit you picked out for Adalyn!! Hugs xo