Monday, June 13, 2011

When did shopping become not fun? (part 2)

I'll tell you when. When someone decided that it would be a good idea to stretch a piece of spandex around their body and call it a swimming suit and that everyone should have to wear one. Swim suit shopping is the WORST. I don't care who you are, how much you weigh, or what size you are. No one likes shopping for swim suits. Especially when you don't feel "good" about yourself.  Last year I was in a maternity bathing suit and the year before I was wearing a (very cute) two piece suit so I decided that neither of those options would be viable for this summer. You're welcome.

It's not a secret that I gained A.LOT. of weight during my pregnancy. If you need to be reminded of what the *real* Abby looks like, just look at my header (yes, I know I need to change that header to a family picture but that would require hiring someone to do it and that just starts feeling overwhelming.) The picture in the header was taken ONE month before I was pregnant. ONE. Yeah. That. One day... And even though I would like to go bury my head in the sand right now and ignore the fact that summer = less clothes, I can't. It's too stinkin hot. And I don't want to miss all these fun memories of Adalyn's first summer just because I don't want to be seen in public in a swim suit.

So off I schlepped to the mall.  I started at Sears. Yeah, I know. Sears. I don't shop there either. But they do carry Lands' End and from what everyone says, Lands' End has a great selection of "Women's" bathing suits that suck everything all in. Well, I searched and searched and found about 2 options to try on and they were a big fat 0 for a big fat wad of cash. So we walked ourselves to Macy's. Now, Macy's has a large selection of suits but it always seems way disorganized. Of course I was drawn to the "cute" bathing suits and then realized that there was no way that this nursing mama could never wear those suits if-you-know-what-i-mean. So I veered myself towards the women's sizes. Why don't they just label it plus-size? We all know what that means. It means that I'm endowed on top people!

**Aside: Why can't bathing suit companies all make suits in bra sizes??!! It would be so much easier! There were a few brands that were in cup sizes but they were ugly.**

So I have an armload of spandex and I take the "walk of shame" to the fitting room knowing that I would come out feeling like I had been through an emotional boxing match. Some suits you don't even have to get on all the way to know that it just isn't going to work. And some you try to rationalize that they could be ok if you could look past the ugly fabric. Or the ugly straps. Or the ugly indentions it makes. You know what I'm saying. Don't act like you don't. So it came down to two... well actually the one fabric would have been wrong on a size 2 so then we were down to 1 option. Of course I peeked out of my dressing room because you HAVE to have a second opinion when suit shopping.  It was a long hall (ok, maybe only 3 other rooms) to walk down to get to Jonathan who was waiting so patiently with my sweet baby who made me this way who was being perfectly behaved and getting tons of attention from other shoppers. He agreed it was better than any of the Lands' End ones.

So I ran went back to the dressing room to get dressed and then looked at the price tag. OUCH! When we were walking up to the cash register I told J I had some bad news. He of course knew what I was talking about. How does this much fabric = $111?? He said that it's probably my most expensive bathing suit. Well, usually when you drop a wad of cash on a swim suit, you figure that you can use it for at least another two seasons. (That way you don't have to go through the agony that is bathing suit shopping next year.) So you can amortize the price of the suit over three years and then it feels like you got a great deal. Um, I HOPE I'm not wearing this suit for three years. If I am, then someone needs to come have an intervention and FORCE me to start running against my will. I hope and pray that this suit will be baggy by the time we take our trip to Florida at the end of the summer.  But $111 is worth it when I think of all the fun memories with Adalyn this summer. Oh and also when I think about the fact that I won't need to go swim suit shopping again till next summer.


Sue said...

Bless your heart Abby! I hate shopping for a swimsuit too. I found a really great one (that tucks me in nicely AND is stylish) a year or 2 ago at Dillard's in Myrtle Beach. Paid a lot for it too so I could totally relate to your story about the price (not the baby body part though of course - hee hee). At least you have a reason for your body changes... me just old age and gluttony over the years but that's all changing now! ;-) Enjoy your summer swimming with your precious little girl!! xo

Lindsay said...

I totally feel your pain. I had my daughter in February and while I thought maternity clothes were kinda fun, dressing my postpartum body really sucks. It's hard when not only your identity has changed but your body and your wardrobe too. Good for you for sucking it up and getting a suit so you won't have to miss any fun summer moments with your daughter. Good luck getting back to your pre pregnancy weight. If you have any pointers or a grand plan, fill me in!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, Believe me I was there. I went up 4 sizes after Brian and was absolutely, seriously depressed. I had no idea what was hiding under my maternity clothes that first time. Love to eat and proud I was finally pregnant equaled many calories. I had nevered dieted in my life but Mom passed on what she was learning in WW and I learned fast. It so wasn't fun but sweetie I promise there is hope. You better believe I gained 23 with your second brother. Not fun but so much easier.

Lindsy said...

Um...pretty sure I love how transparent this post is because gurrrllll we've all been there! You're matter the size, bathing suit shopping stinks but you just gotta DO IT or sit on the sidelines which is never fun so I'm proud you went ahead and took that plunge. I keep having to laugh at myself becuase the whole nursing and trying to dress yourself while nursing...I's akward. I just keep reminding myself it's going to seem like a blip in the radar when it's all said and done and I wouldn't trade the rolls and stretchmarks for anything in the world. Amen? Cheers to a summer of fun WITH our girls!

Janine said...

Here is my (short) story: I have one boob 3 times the size of the other. (Thank you, breastfeeding) Imagine that in finding a swimsuit. I hear you, girl. It is no fun...but I told myself when I put my swimsuit on the other day (and noticed I had one awesome boob, and one pancake boob) that I am a MOMMY and this body rocks b/c it has birthed a baby and then nourished him a full year. And I wouldn't trade any other body for this!!