Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Weekend Pictures

Saturday we went out to dinner with my parents at Tony Packo's for dinner. Toledo is known for Packo's and I LOVE the food. They have the best spicy pickles. Adalyn had her first meal at a restaurant so of course I had to document it! She ate her rice and sweet potatoes but I think she was eyeing my coney dog!
(excuse my iphone picture quality)
The famous Tony Packo's pickles! I got it as my side and they accidently brought two sides of pickles. These came home with me! YUM!
Right across the street from Packo's is the Mud Hens ball park. My parents got us tickets to the game.  We got in and sat in our seats - right behind home plate - and then they rolled out the rain tarp. Then the rain started. So we attempted to take Adalyn to her first baseball game but we didn't even get to see the players let alone half an inning. Oh well.

Sunday we met my cousin and her kids at my aunt and uncle's pool. It was hot and sunny and Adalyn dipped her feet in a pool for the first time with her daddy. The water was cold so we didn't use the baby raft but she did get to kick her feet in the water.  Then the clouds rolled in and we got rained out of the pool.

Waking up from her nap. Please look past me and to my baby's adorable outfit. (consignment sale)
Playing in the water with daddy.
The bathing suit was from a consignment sale and although its cute the bottoms would not stay on! We will need a new suit asap! The hat was from the awesome Gymboree sale for $6. Love it! (Her cheeks were red but not from the was HOT!)
With her cousin Hailey.

Monday afternoon my dad grilled out some hamburgers and we had a summer lunch! Picture perfect!

Spending some time with Grandma Nan.
This face cracks me up. She has started blowing "raspberries" but it's actually just spitting. She was getting all puckered up to try her new trick.
With Papa and Grandma Nan.
Happy baby!
We had such a great time with my parents!! I hope it won't be so long before we see them again!

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Sue said...

Looks like you had a great weekend Abby! I LOVED Adalyn in her shades... such a cool chick already!