Friday, November 18, 2011

12 Months!

Now that I've posted about Adalyn's birthday, I figure it's high time to post her 12 month pictures. This was the last monthly sticker in the pack. Jonathan jumped for joy since that means we don't have to take a set of pictures each month, but I may have shed a tear because my baby... Well, you know how I feel about that already.
 And just for fun, lets look at week 1 picture.

 Happy girl!

Adalyn turned 1 year old on November 9th. Jonathan and I took the day off work to spend a fun family day. We ended up running a bunch of errands, but it was nice to have a day in the middle of the week that we got to hang out just the three of us. We didn't want to be mean and make her have her shots on her birthday. Seriously. That would be mean. So we had her one year doctor's appointment and shots yesterday. She had to have a toe prick to check hemoglobin levels and 4 (!!) shots. Poor thing. But she was a good girl as usual. There were more tears shed this time, but I guess that's what comes with age since they know what's coming! 

Here are her stats. She's stayed in her same percentiles all year:
Height 29 3/4" 75%
Weight 19lbs 10oz 25%
Head 16.5" <5%

Adalyn is still wearing a few 6-12 month clothes but they are mostly too small so we have moved up to 12-18 month clothes. She is still wearing size 6 month onesies (those don't have to be long enough on her arms/legs which is how her clothes get too small). She wears size 3 shoes and size 3 diapers.

The doctor gave us the go ahead to start on whole milk - the checkbook will like that! We're going to finish out the formula we have and slowly transition over to organic whole milk. And we're going to cut some of her bottles out and start more solid foods. She tried cheese last night and loved it. She looked like a chipmunk because she kept putting the pieces into her mouth before swallowing what was already in there. Ha! She doesn't like to each much food with her fingers. I have learned that the same foods that she won't eat with her fingers, many she will eat if I spoon feed her. Not sure if she just doesn't like getting dirty or what. You give her a banana, puffs, cheerios, graham crackers and now cheese and she scarfs it down but nothing else. So weird. I'm hoping it's just a phase. If I put food on her tray she will actually put the food on the end of the spoon. HA! Is she already showing that she is prissy?

She is cruising around and into everything. She's a fast crawler. Still no unassisted steps but they can't be far away. If the laundry basket is on the floor, just hope that it hasn't already been folded because she will remove everything piece by piece! She loves to check out everything in the kitchen cupboards. If the pantry or fridge are open for 2 seconds she speed crawls over to them to stand up and check everything out. She has been riding her little scooter toy that she got from my parents for her birthday. She's super fast on it and I think she realizes that she can get to things on it that she can't when she's crawling. She asks daily for rides in her wagon that she got from Jonathan's mom for her birthday. We have no room in the garage for it right now so it's sitting in the kitchen and she crawls over to it and tries to get in. She LOVES to be wheeled back and forth around the house by daddy.

She talks up a storm! It's not just mama, dada, buba (we call Dakota buba sometimes and she has picked up on it), baba (bottle while she does the milk sign). She has full on conversations where she makes noises and syllables and raises and lowers her voices like she is in a serious conversation and she really thinks we understand. It's so cute. She loves to dance to any music and lately she's been "singing". She "talks" at the top of her lungs in the car when we're listening to Air1. Yesterday her daycare provider texted me and said that Adalyn was singing to the Christmas music she was playing and it was adorable.

I wish I could capture all of it on video. I'm constantly taking mental snapshots because I want to remember everything. Of course when I get my camera or phone out, she stops talking or doing whatever it was that I wanted to capture.

Adalyn is such an absolute joy. She has been the sweetest, laid back baby. We are so blessed to be her mommy and daddy. I can't believe this year was so fast and I'm sure I'll feel the same thing next year at this time, so I'm just going to savor every minute I have with her. Even if it means that some nights I snuggle her instead of putting her to be awake (gasp!). This holiday season is going to be so much fun with her. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving and being with my parents and brothers. Adalyn will meet her cousins too! And I just know Christmas is going to be fun with all the lights and festivities! I love being a mommy and I just love her so very much!

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