Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Party Details

I want to take a moment to blog about all of the wonderful companies I worked with for Adalyn's party. And I wanted to post where I got different decorations. I got this idea from a blog about a year ago. She listed all of the websites she used to buy different party items and I actually used her recommendation list for one of the items I bought for Adalyn's party. I love using companies that have been recommended by someone else and are trusted companies/websites. And I love to promote local and small businesses!

Adalyn's Outfit...
  • Shirt was made by Allie's Appliques and Embroidery. A friend and old coworker, Allison was always posting cutie stuff she was making on her facebook page. So I asked her to make Adalyn's shirt (plus 3 others for baby gifts) and they all turned out so cute! She does a great job and uses quality shirts for her embroidery which is super important to me!
  • Skirt was Gymboree from a consignment sale for $8!! Whoo!
  • Baby Legs are generic ones from Hobby Lobby. Did you know they sell no named baby legs now?? Her headband and flower were also from Hobby Lobby.
  • Birthday Hat was Mud Pie from The Front Porch with a 20% off coupon.
  • Shoes were Mooshu Trainers that I got deeply discounted for $12 and free shipping on Totsy.

Invitations, Thank you cards, Food Tents and Treat Sign...

My friend and coworker Shannon is pretty much amazing. (She also did Adalyn's announcements last year.) I pretty much told Shannon that I was doing an un-themed party with just colors, gave her a picture of the banner I was going to use at the party and told her I was loving chevron patterns and she came up with these awesome invitations. Then I asked if she could make a few items for the party, ie. a treat sign and food tents. What she came up with was way beyond my expectations. Her creativity is beyond me and that is why she does what she does and I don't! :) After the party, I sent her a picture of Adalyn at the party and she made the cutest thank you cards. YOU ALL... Her prices are insanely good for this stuff. Let's just say that when I got the bill for all of the above, I about fell out of my chair because I could have easily spent the amount she charged me for ALL OF IT on just invitations elsewhere. (I'll stop yelling now. I just had to make sure you understood how amazing she is.) Also, she is taking orders for Christmas cards now and her etsy shop has fabric goods and wreaths too. Pretty much Shannon is Miss Crafty and you just gotta love her!

Cakes and Cookies...

I was super impressed both with the taste (our family is quite pickey when it comes to bakery cake) and decorations on Adalyns cakes and cookies. Katherine from the Yellow House Cakery has a licensed kitchen in her home and was sweet as can be! (Haha. Sweet. See how I did that?) I pretty much gave her zero instructions for decorating the cake. I told her the colors we were using and sent her the pdf of the invitation. I was seriously amazed by the work she did and how closely it matched the invitation! She even bagged the cookie favors. I will for sure use her in the future (her prices are great!) and I recommend anyone local to check her out!

Photo Books...

(That is my kindle in the middle so you can see the size of the books.)
I used Mixbook to make photo books of every photo shoot that Adalyn has had through the first year with Jes (including our maternity photos). I got the 14x11 books that are normally $50 for 20 pages. I found groupons for a $15 voucher for a $50 book and searched different cities to buy groupons to cover all of the different books! $15 is a steal for these books.  They are super easy to make. I'm not crafty and not a real scrapbooker at all. But these books I can do because I can crop the "stickers" perfectly and I can "cut" the pictures and undo if necessary. I can't help my OCD. There are so many options to customize these books. I'm hooked! I'll be making another book for her 12 month pictures that Jes just took. And I've decided to make a year book of snapshots too. I'm so pleased with the way they turned out and their turn around time!

Which also brings me to Adalyn's pictures. If you've been around this blog for 2 seconds you know my good friend Jes has taken all of Adalyn's formal pictures and I absolutely love her work.  She is so good with babies and takes amazing pictures! I can't wait to see what magic she works on Adalyn's 12 month pictures that she took on Saturday where Adalyn would not crack a smile!

Other extras...
  • I got the pink and white paper straws from The Sugar Diva. There were enough that I'll have them to use next year too!
  • Balloons and helium (with a 40% off coupon) were from Hobby Lobby
  • Ribbons were from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off or left over from my nursery projects from Hancock Fabrics.
  • Plates, polka dot napkins, plastic-ware, and ice cream bubbles were from Target.
  • Puffs were made by Billie with tissue paper and floral wire.
And that concludes all of the birthday posts. I think. I'm pretty sure:) Maybe I can get on to posting about something other than my child! :)


Our Family of Four said...

Everything looks great!

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin

Anonymous said...

Would you mind writing a post on the skirt you made for the high chair? How did you get it to stay on around the high chair after it was made? I love it!

Jenna said...

I LOVE everything! What a perfect little girls first birthday party!!!