Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Today is Jonathan's 31st birthday! Adalyn and I took him out to Saul Good for dinner and then Jonathan and I enjoyed Caramanda's Cupcakes! I had to get a few pictures of my two favorite people after dinner.

(Adalyn hasn't adjusted to this time change so she was sleepy in these pictures. And her poor rash hasn't gone away yet. See the marks on her face? Poor thing.) 

I am so very blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. He is a loving husband and amazing daddy. I'm so proud of him. He's gotten straight A's in his MBA classes all while excelling in a high stress job.  Next month we will get to celebrate while he walks across stage in his cap and gown. It's amazing how he has been able to juggle school work, work, Adalyn, me, house stuff and friends. He's amazing. And he's all mine! (Although Adalyn holds a piece of his heart now.)  Last year his birthday gift was two days late in the form of a little pink bundle of joy. This year, he got to hear his baby's giggles as he played with her as his birthday gift. She loves her daddy. So sweet.

We love you Jonathan!

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Savannah said...

These are super sweet Daddy and Daughter pictures! Looks like your hubby had a great birthday!