Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We travelled to Toledo for Thanksgiving this year. We spent the holiday with my family and I was so excited! Both of my brothers were also going to be home for the holiday and it had been many years since we had all been in the same place at the same time. We won't discuss the should-have-been-4.5-hour-drive-that-took-5.5-hours-with-a-screaming-baby-drive. The interstate was packed but we got to Toledo safely Wednesday night.

My brother, Aaron and I ran in a Thanksgiving morning 5k. We were supposed to run with my cousins, but there were over 1,200 people running and we couldn't ever find them until the race was over. Bummer! Here are some pics from the race.
My favorite cheerleader!
 Grandma keeping Adalyn warm. We had quite a loud cheering section. Leave it to my family...
 At the start of the race. Smiling and still running together. (Ignore all the Michigan colors. Gag! The Ohio State/Michigan game was that weekend and so everyone was dressed for their favorite teams. J told me I couldn't wear Ohio State colors - the team I grew up cheering for. So I was rocking my UK t-shirt. Hey UK actually won their game this weekend!)
 At the end of the race. Can almost see the finish line...
 My brother kicked my booty by a few minutes!
 We found my cousins after the race! We were glad we ran it = extra turkey! And we all four finished without walking at all! Yay!
 My first race to run with my brother. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition! I'll need to work on my pace time! :)
After running, we went back to the house and got showered and then went out and got some Starbucks. It was my reward for missing the Macy's Day parade!  My oldest brother and his family came in town in the afternoon and then we all had a big family dinner. Of course we didn't get any pictures with my camera from the dinner. After dinner we attempted a family picture, but none were Christmas Card worthy so I will post it on here.
Adalyn cuddling with Uncle Aaron after Thanksgiving dinner.
Papa giving a horse-y ride!
 On Saturday, Aaron was getting ready to catch his flight back to Florida and was playing some Christmas carols. Adalyn loved helping him out. So sweet.
Adalyn with my brother, Brian. This is the first time she's met him. (Other than briefly last Christmas for about 5 minutes.)
 Adalyn with Uncle Aaron
 I'm pretty sure the last picture like this from when we were all together was when I was in college. (I graduated almost 9 years ago...)
 Adalyn enjoyed my grandpa's toddler rocker. How sweet! She learned how to get off but then not back on so we'd have to help her.  She loved rocking.
 Dressed in matching clothes to Grandma!
I think Adalyn has been watching Mommy a little too much. She knows exactly what to do with that phone.
We didn't go crazy for Black Friday. We did go out in the afternoon to catch a couple store sales. On our way home, I spotted the best Black Friday deal ever. A FREE treadmill on the side of the road with a sign that said "It works". WHA?? I'd rather run outside, but with this time change I just don't have time to run in the daylight anymore, but buying a treadmill would never have been in the budget. It's not fancy at all, but it works, folks! It collapsed and fit in our car! I don't have any excuses now...

 Adalyn enjoyed the garden tub. Splash!!
 Three generations.
 Grandma and Papa. It's always so good to spend time with them!
We had a great long weekend although we are still recovering from it. Our drive home was much less traumatic. It may be in part to the car DVD player that Jonathan got at Target on Saturday for the Black Friday price. It pays to make the clerk check the overnight delivery for stock of items that show "in store" online.  Maybe by next weekend my house will be back to normal. I was going to take Monday off to get back to normal, but Billie decided to have her baby so I was at the hospital all day! It was a WAY better way to spend a vacation day than doing housework!! And sweet baby Emalyn was worth every moment!


Lindsy said...

Super cute pictures...um...Aaron's gotten kinda tiny: yeah? I'm sure your Mom was THRILLED to have a picture of all three of y'all together. Good for y'all running on Turkey Day!

Savannah said...

Way to go on completing your Thanksgiving race! Such a fun tradition!! And that treadmil? What a steal! Looks like you had a great holiday weekend with your precious family.

Crystal said...

Way to go with your race! I wish I was motivated to run! Glad you guys had a good Turkey Day:)