Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random List

1.  I like sleep. Waking up before 6 is not ideal for me. Waking up at 5:15 (and now 5:45 thanks to no morning feeding for A) for over a year makes me feel like I'm constantly in a fuzzy sleepy daze. Especially in the mornings. When I go to sleep I am so asleep that I don't hear Adalyn on the monitor if she cries and I don't ever hear the alarm in the morning.  Good thing J is a light sleeper. He always has to wake me up.  Well, the nice long Thanksgiving weekend allowed us to all sleep in. Adalyn was so good and slept in until almost 8 each day. It felt glorious. (And this is where my 21 year old college self would disown me because 8am = crack of dawn. Sleeping in = 11am. Boy how our priorities change with age...) It made me wonder how late Adalyn would sleep in if I didn't have to wake her in the mornings to go to the sitter... Then she'd be able to stay awake past 7pm so that we'd be able to spend more time with her after work... Ahh. One could only wish.

It was quite a shock to my system on Monday morning when I woke up at 5:45. ::yawn:: Can I just sleep until I feel rested every day? That would be awesome. And maybe I won't be so tired at 9pm that I can't keep my eyes open. Or could I just have nap time during the day? Waking up early sucks.

I know. Riveting.

2.  I had an anonymous comment on Adalyn's party details post on how I made her high chair ribbon skirt. Since I didn't know who posted the question, I couldn't reply so I figured I'd just post it on here. Jenna's son had a birthday about 2 weeks after Adalyn and she made a boy one for him. She posted on her blog how she made hers. So you can click over and read her tutorial. I made mine a bit differently.  I found this cute ruffled ribbon-like material at the fabric store and wanted to use that around the top. Then I just cut a whole bunch of ribbons I had on hand. I didn't worry about making them the same length. And my mom hot glued the ribbons to the ruffle in no particular order of the wide/narrow and pink/green. I wasn't sure how to attach it to the high chair without it falling off (all those ribbons got a bit heavy) and I didn't want to use hot glue and melt the high chair tray. So I used clear packing tape and rolled it and it held the "skirt" up perfectly! And yes, I kept it for next year. My child might have pink and green birthday parties until she's old enough to ask for something different:) HA!

3.  Our dishwasher broke again. The last time this happened it was a blown electrical fuse. That was only a couple months ago. Because the fuse went out again so soon Jonathan says this means that there is more issues than a blown fuse. It broke the day we left for Toledo so we got back to town and had the wonderful realization that our dishwasher was broken again. BOO! Hand washing sippy cups and bottles is not cool. Not cool at all.  What is cool is that Jonathan has been awesome about  hand washing our dishes! Yay! We've actually needed a new dishwasher for sometime. Its a cheap one and never washes our dishes well enough. I hate getting crusty glasses out of the washer! Problem? One of the previous owners of our house put hardwood floors in and butted them up against the dishwasher. So in order to get the dishwasher out to replace or fix it, we either have to tear up our floors or tear up our counter tops (which I would jump for joy for if we had the money to replace them.) So we're kinda stuck right now. I'm hoping we can come up with a solution soon... Ideas??

4. I have our main Christmas tree finished, Jonathan arranged the nativity set, and I decorated the mantle and living room. I need to do some tweaking to the mantle, put the Christmas tree in our dining room together, finish decorating the dining room and entryway, and Jonathan needs to put lights outside. Somehow I feel behind even though 75% of our decorations were up before Thanksgiving. How did that happen??

5. I have yet to order Christmas cards. Let's back up a step. I may need to have Christmas pictures taken still. I'm not sure how the ones that Jes took turned out. Once I see those, I'll know if we need to have someone take a Christmas picture. It's not yet December, but people are doing this stuff so early this year that again, I feel behind that I haven't even gotten the picture let alone mailed out cards! It will all get done. I know. Breathe in breathe out.

6. I just want to slow down and enjoy this time of year and not worry about the house being perfect or our cards being mailed out by a certain date. I need to just sit back and watch my sweet girl discover the beauty that is the Christmas tree all lit up with white lights and decorations. To see life through a child's eyes...

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Crystal said...

I feel you about always being tired! I have been in bed everynight before 9 this week! I always feel so overwhelmed with everything so I did the bare minimum with decorating this year and decided to enjoy Macey! You are doing a great job Mommy!