Wednesday, August 28, 2013


One of the outside shopping areas near us did a bit of an overhaul on their retailers and have brought in some awesome stores recently. Ahem. Loft. Yes. Loft is now about 3 miles from my house. Jonathan is crying. And we're getting a Charming Charlie too! Anyway, I'm super excited about the changes. So the "mall" did a grand re-opening event last Saturday. I kept seeing stuff on social media about it and I thought Adalyn would enjoy it. They had trapeze people in the parking lot and had a helicopter land, a bounce house, face painting, glitter tattoos, a fashion show, and a few characters - our local baseball mascot, Cat in the Hat, Curious George and Tinkerbell.  There was a lot going on!

When we got there Adalyn spotted the helicopter in the air overhead and I told her that it was going to come down and land. So we hurried and parked and got her out of her car seat and she watched it land and was entranced. (We parked next to the acrobatic area so we watched there for a moment but all eyes were on the helicopter - including the people supposed to be flipping around.) So we walked over to the helicopter and spotted two people we know. J was talking with one daddy/son while Adalyn spotted her babysitter and her babysitter's son who is Adalyn's friend she plays with every day. They were in line to get a picture in the helicopter. So A's sitter told her that both kids could get in together for a picture. A was quite adamant that she would not be getting in. We tried to talk her into it while we stood there but she was not interested. (I've noticed that in new environments and when there are lots of people crowing around - both of which were happening - she just kind of shuts down and needs space.) So we decided to walk around and see what else we could find to do.

We had promised Adalyn that she would get to meet Tinkerbell and that was all she could talk about. So we knew that needed to be first on our list. Tinkerbell was located inside my favorite baby boutique. This boutique opened when I was pregnant with Adalyn and I was in there often and got to know the owner. She is so sweet and all of her workers are also. They are now located inside the children's floor of our bookstore so as we were headed down stairs we were trying to scout out where Tinkerbell was. She was inside Baby Bundles but the line to see Tinkerbell went outside their door, through the bookstore and then outside the bookstore. So we got in line. And we waited. Well, little did we know that Tinkerbell was doing an entire experience with each child, not just meeting and taking a picture like the rest of the characters in the bookstore. While we waited she did get to meet The Cat in the Hat while daddy saved our spot in the Tinkerbell line. I was surprised she wasn't afraid of him since he was so tall, but she walked right up to him for a picture! She loves all characters. I don't really understand it because they have always kind of freaked me out. (If the Chick-fil-a cow had been there she would have been out of her mind with excitement!)
While we waited Jonathan dropped my name in the door prize giveaway (as we were doing at all the stores). And then we waited some more. Then Adalyn took a potty break and then we waited some more. Get the idea? But let's just say it was worth it! Oh my goodness. First of all, when we were waiting in line I was trying to point out Tinkerbell to Adalyn and instead of looking for a human sized Tinkerbell, she kept looking in the air trying to find the fairy sized Tinkerbell. Oh and before we left the house Adalyn asked if Tinkerbell would teach her how to fly like on the movie. Precious.

Tinkerbell was so sweet. She asked Adalyn her name and Adalyn whispered "Adalyn Crystal". I think it's so precious when she answers people with both names. Tinkerbell had a whole conversation with Adalyn and Adalyn was absolutely starstruck. This poor girl had to be exhausted but you wouldn't know it. She was so good. She'd be awesome to hire for a birthday party!

 She blew some bubbles for Adalyn to pop.
 Then she made a balloon doggie for Adalyn. All while having a conversation with Adalyn about whether she had a dog and what it's name was. Seriously. She made Adalyn's day/week/month!
{Last night the balloon doggie came apart and Adalyn was so upset. Next thing we heard, Adalyn was on my phone having an entire conversation with Tinkerbell about how her doggie came apart and could she please come tonight to fix it. "Ok, thanks bye Tinkerbell." Then she set the phone down and told us that Tinkerbell would be coming to fix it. Jonathan and I looked at each other. What do we do now? We have no clue how to put this thing back together. Still not sure what to tell her.}

Baby Bundles was also doing glitter tattoos. Adalyn's never had a tattoo and she's just so funny about new things that sometimes she just won't try things. I want to urge her to try new things but I'm also not going to push her into something she's not comfortable with. (Like last year we went to a mother/daughter nail party and she would not let the lady put the nail stickers on her nails like the other little girls.) So after waiting in line I didn't know if she'd actually go through with the tattoo. But she spotted a Tinkerbell tattoo and it was all over. The lady asked what colors she wanted so she got pink and purple and she was so excited.
And she'll correct you if you say it's anything other than Tinkerbell. She wanted to call up her grandparents to show them (facetime) so we had to take a picture to text to them. I mean, she was all about this thing. She asked if she could take it to church with her the next day. I told her that it'll be going with you everywhere until it comes off. (And even through swim lessons and baths that thing is still on her arm!)

She waited in line for the bounce house but then the fire breather/juggler started his little show near where we were and she decided she was done waiting in the line near the weird man. I didn't blame her. It was way past lunch time so we decided to head out to the car where we ran into Billie, Derek, Eli and Emalyn. So we all decided to stop at Culvers for lunch/ice cream!

We had such an awesome day. It was so much fun and it cost us all of $1 for the glitter tattoo! Yay for free family fun! That night my phone rang around 9pm and it wasn't a number I knew so I let it go to voicemail. I checked the vmail later that evening and found that I won one of the door prizes at Baby Bundes. Their BIG prize. I called them back as soon as they opened on Sunday and we headed over there after church to pick it up. I remember seeing it Saturday when we were walking through the store because it was so adorable. I never win anything so I never expected to hear back from the entries. We got it home and J put it together while the kids napped. (Adalyn's bear not included:))
 Seriously. Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? All the pieces can all be reconfigured too. And the seats lift up for storage! I want this in the adult size! Of course I had to look it up online to see what it retails for. $280!! It's made so well, that Jonathan decided to try it out.
 Adalyn absolutely loves it! When mommy makes it live outside and out of my living room I think she might be crushed. She sits on it to watch TV like it's her own little living room couch.  (Love how she has her little legs crossed on the foot rest.)
So that was our excitement this past weekend. I'd say that it was well worth our while to head over to Lexington Green for their re-opening party! Now, if only I had won that $250 Loft gift card! :)


Murdock's mama said...

Oh my gosh...lucky you! I've been wanting one of those for the kiddos at the lakehouse! So cool!

Lindsy said...

All of those stories about Adalyn are so stinking precious - you know I'm MORE than familiar with some star struck littler girls!!! Shew! So glad she got to meet Tink and get a tatoo - so fun! The door prize? Seriously! Love it! Love me some free fun.

Janine said...

Wowser! Such an awesome door prize and fun free day!