Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cayden - 18 Month Pics

So I realized that I never posted any of Cayden's 18 month pictures. Since he turns 20 months today, I figured I should post his 18 month pictures:) The first outfit was the first day we tried to do pictures and he was getting over being sick and was not feeling a photo session. We decided to try pictures the next week and Cayden wasn't sick anymore but he also didn't feel like smiling. Little stinker. Thankfully Meghan was so patient and had the idea of doing pictures in his room to make him feel comfortable. She was able to snap some cute pics!

I posted this on instagram last night but I'll say it again. Adalyn was 20 months when Cayden was born so it is surreal to me that Cayden is now 20 months. I can't imagine him being the "big" sibling. He's still my baby. I can't believe Adalyn was the "big" sister at this age!

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Murdock's mama said...

Adorable! I'm having a hard time getting stuff together for Cullyn's first birthday--I think I'm in denial! What's your Instagram name? I'm under MurdocksMama