Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snowy Fun!

We have gotten more snow this winter than I ever remember getting since I have lived in Lexington! It has seemed constant this winter. We were not prepared with snow attire for the kids since there usually isn't even enough to fully cover the grass let alone sled!

Nana and Papa came in town in January and brought the kids a sled to play in the snow! Poor Cayden didn't have snow pants or boots so we just had to make do with Adalyn's old pink boots. Adalyn had snow boots but no snow pants so we borrowed a pair from our neighbor. They were 3 sizes too big but they worked for some fun in the snow!

Saturday morning we woke up to a fresh snowfall. Daddy went outside to shovel so the kids had fun watching him.
The kids loved all of the snow he threw at the window. Lots of squeals!

We got everyone bundled up and played in the front yard building a snowman.
My mom remembered all of her snow attire except her boots. But that wasn't going to get in the way 

My strong man!
Throwing snowballs at me!

Family pictures with the snowman!

We moved the party to the back yard to do some sledding. This is one instance where our crazy steep back yard was good for something!

 We also did snow angels, jumped on the trampoline, threw snowballs and played on the swing. We had to get all of the enjoyment out of the snow that we could!

We had a fun day in the snow. That being said, we have now had enough snow and are ready for spring:)

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Party of Five said...

Looks like such a blast! I am so jealous we didn't get snow! Boo.