Sunday, March 9, 2014

Her Knight Dance

The weekend before Valentine's Day Jonathan took Adalyn to the Her Knight Dance. This is an amazing night for daddies and daughters and this was their second year going. Last year Adalyn was just starting to get sick so although she enjoyed all of the Chick-fil-a cows dressed up she wasn't able to enjoy the whole evening and ended up leaving early. This year, she was so excited about going to the dance. She remembered it from the year before and knew what to expect. I love seeing Jonathan and Adalyn have special moments together like these. It's so important for little girls to know the love of their daddy.

Of course I took as many pictures before the dance as possible and then requested Jonathan to take a bunch during the dance. I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the dance hall to see all of the special memories made!

Adalyn chose her dress (last year's Easter dress) from her fancy dresses in her closet because she said that it is a princess dress. She felt so fancy. I just love looking at these pictures because you can tell how excited she was and how much she loves her daddy. I hope they always have this special relationship.

At the dance, Jonathan took a few pictures and had some friends take a few pictures of them together. (We know a lot of friends who take their daughters to this dance.)

When they first get to the dance each little girl gets a crown and then when they leave they get a box with a pearl bracelet - last year it was a pearl necklace. It makes the night even more special!  Here she is with the big ice sculpture wearing her crown.
 Last year this was where she fell in love with the chick-fil-a cows. She was excited to see and dance with this one!

 Eating some chicken. I'm pretty sure she ate more cookies than chicken though:)

There were some professional photographers at the dance and here were a couple that they captured.

This sweet couple taught our pre-marriage Sunday School class and then also taught us our wedding dance. Such a sweet moment captured in this picture.
Here is their formal picture.
 This is their picture from last year. I can't believe how much my girl has grown in one year!

This was such a sweet night and such wonderful memories made. I'm thankful for organizations who find it important enough to our girls to make events like this possible!


Aishlea said...

Oh my goodness--so precious! She is so gorgeous!

Janine said...

Ah I love this!!Chik-fil-a also does a mom-son date night (or at least they do one at our local store...but it hasn't happened yet). I think it's so neat that they sponsor things like this to foster relationships!