Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Pictures

Looking back through my pictures I realized that I missed posting some cute pictures from the past few months so I might as well do a photo dump here so I can try to catch up!
 A sweet picture with Nana and Papa from back in January.

 Sweet baby girl. She loves her big girl necklace.
 Before church one week. (Wow. It looks like I wear this scarf too much!) Of course Cayden wouldn't put his waffle down to take the picture. Oh well. That's life. 
 I love when both kids play sweetly together coloring and doing stickers at their play table. So sweet. Can you see that Cayden was saying "cheese" in this picture?
I think I'm finally starting to catch up with my blogging. Just a couple more posts and I will be up to date! It's hard to believe that Spring will be here this week and Easter is only a month away! Time can slow down any time now. Some days I want to push pause because the kids are at such sweet ages and play so nicely together. Then some days my kids act like crazy 3 and 1.5 year olds and I just hope they get through this phase quickly. Ha! Overall we're having so much fun enjoying them. Everything is exciting and they usually play so nicely together:) Cayden wanders through the house saying "Sissy" if she isn't in his sight. He just loves her so much and wants to do anything she's doing! And she usually is sweet about including him and playing well with him.


Lindsy said...

Sweet pictures. I love the relationships between my kids too - it's so precious! Grey calls his sisters "Sissy" too.

Murdock's mama said...

You're looking fabulous happy for you! :)