Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Little Runner

It's no secret that we are a running family. I love that Jonathan and I have the same hobby. I feel like to kids "normal" is whatever their parents do and I love that we are showing our kids a healthy lifestyle. When the weather cooperates, we love going on family runs. Jonathan pushes the kids in the stroller and as he follows me I can hear the kids cheering for me and singing songs. It's precious. So on a beautiful afternoon you won't find the Burns family at a park. You'll find us pounding the pavement. And the kids love it!

Adalyn always talks about when she's old enough to wear numbers and then her hair will be long like mommy's and sway from side to side when she runs. (So funny to see life through the eyes of a kid.) At one of the consignment sales I found a Nike pink running skirt in Adalyn's size. I knew this would be her favorite piece of clothing and it was only $5! Can't beat that! In warmer months I always wear a running skirt. I find them more comfortable than shorts, so she always sees me in my skirt and was so excited to have one of her own!

After our 5k/10 miler a couple weekends ago Adalyn asked to put her running skirt on and then I pinned my numbers to her shirt. She thought she was big stuff. She ran so many laps around our house that I lost count. She was out of breath by the time she stopped.
Cayden did NOT want a shirt on. Whatev. His inner "boy" is coming out! But he did want to be in ALL the pictures with Sissy.

I have a feeling that she will be just as competitive as her mommy and daddy. I love it! It'll be fun to enter her into some 1 mile kid races in a couple years. These things are caught not taught!

Since we have our big race this weekend. I thought this was the perfect post for today! Right now there is a 100% chance of rain with a high of 50* during my 7 mile and J's half marathon this Saturday! I am so worried. I really need near perfect conditions to conquer the insane hills that we will be running on! I'm hoping that in the next two days that forecast will change! I'd really love for the kids to be able to come to the race. They LOVE going to races and cheering! Here's hoping I will have a happy post next week about my longest race ever!


Aishlea said...

SO cute! Cohen likes to run with me. He is going to be a lot faster than me, too. Good luck this weekend!!!

Janine said...

Good luck this weekend! Hope the weather cooperates for you guys. Love that Adalyn has little bruised up legs...haha so cute! And the running garb is sweet too. My boys like to run but don't quite "get it" because I don't do many races.