Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day ended up being different than planned this year. The day before Valentine's Day happened to be my half day and thankfully it was because when I was on my way to pick the kids up I got a text from the sitter that Cayden had a low-grade fever. When we got home I realized that Cayden's color was really pale and his whole little body started shaking and shivering. I called and took him right over to the doctor. By the time the nurse took his temperature, his fever was 103.7! Poor guy! They swabbed him for the flu but it came back negative. They said he just had another type of virus. Thankfully he had no other symptoms than a fever. But that fever kept spiking about every 4 hours through the weekend. He was so pathetic and I felt so helpless.

Thursday night Adalyn and I made valentine's for her to take to the sitter's house. Of course I had to get a couple pictures. (You can tell Cayden wasn't feeling well.)
 Adalyn gave play-doh. "I think you're a-DOH-able"
Cayden gave bags of Teddy Grahams. "I love you "beary" much!"

Unfortunately Cayden couldn't take his treats to his friends so Adalyn was happy to take them for him. I wanted to get a cute picture of the kids in Valentine's clothes before school but of course that didn't happen.
 I love the slippers with the outfit:)
 She's got her chunky necklace on from Nana and is with her Valentine ready to go to "school." She was pretty excited!
Cayden and I spent the day together trying to keep his fever down by alternating ibuprofen and tylenol. Poor boy just wasn't himself. Once Adalyn and Jonathan got home he hung in there and opened presents and we just had a different kind of Valentine's party than what we had originally planned. (Pizza and cupcakes!)
 Daddy brought home two heart balloons and they were a hit with both kids!
 You can tell how high his fever was in these pictures. 
 He didn't want to pose with Adalyn but after she walked away he leaned back and said "cheese."
 Of course they were blessed with lots of fun presents from mommy, daddy, grammy, papa and nana. The Micky and Minnie actually got a squeal and a "I've always wanted this!" And yes they both still sleep with them nightly!

It took Cayden all weekend to get over his little virus and thankfully was able to go back to daycare on Monday. Since we had to stay home from church Valentine's Sunday I decided to dress the kids up in their Valentine's clothes the next Sunday. This is how well the picture session went...

We don't have any precious sibling pictures from this Valentine's day but we do have some of real life pictures and memories made:)


Janine said...

Sweet Valentine's!! And what great ideas for Valentine's grams for the kids at school! And poor Cayden's cheeks. bless. They were about as red as the Valentine's gifts!! Glad he's feeling better.

Lindsy said...

Love their little valentines - as usual. Do you print the tags at home? So presh! Bless C's heart - it's never fun to be sick but certainly not on a "holiday". Their pictures are real life and they are precious in their V-Day attire.