Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Post - Day 3

For anyone counting, today was my third day on my "extreme" (not so really) diet and exercise regimen. And yes, I have stuck to counting every point of everything that enters my mouth AND I have run three days in a row. Now, they have been short runs (3 mi, 2.25 mi, and 2.5 mi) but they are runs. Once I get more in shape I'll start running longer runs. I've found out that when I run longer, my body is so exhausted that I dont want to run every day. So, to stay on my daily workouts, I'm running short runs. Yesterday I even played a volleyball game for our church's competitive league after my run!

Luckily Billie was coming over tonight to sew and when she comes over she pushes me to run. My legs were sore from 2 days in a row (after running about once a week for the past couple months) so I was not looking forward to a run, but luckily she kept talking and we made it...even if it was only 2.5 miles!

I'm not going to celebrate just yet...I cannot let up because if I skip one day of running or sneak one food that isn't counted, I'm worried that I will slowly fall back off the wagon! :) So Day #4 here I come!!! I just hope it doesn't rain! I'm not running in the rain so I'll have to be creative and we all know how bad I am with being creative!

BTW...I'm so glad Adam was in the bottom two on AI! Knock him down a peg. He has a crazy good voice and a huge range, but he needs to be on Broadway. He has a theater voice. He's not someone that I want to listen to on the radio with all of that screaming. So I would have been just fine if he had gone home. My favs are still Kris and Danny! Did I say how glad I am that Adam was in the bottom two? I hope that doesn't make people pick up their phones next week to make sure he has the most votes!


Sue said...

Oh Abby... finally someone who sees in Adam what I see! I thought I was alone in my feelings of Adam. My favs are Danny & Kris too. I'm hoping they are final 2 as well!

Good job on your diet and running! You inspire me... but unfortunately not quite enough yet to get me off my sofa - hee hee

Hope you have a great Thursday ;-) Hugs

Kristin said...

I think Kris is going to be really popular coming up here. Did you hear the girls scream for him? He picked the perfect crooning song. All the girls went crazy. I'm sure his wife loves that.

As for the exercise, I totally have to get back into it. I am getting fat for me, and the worst thing is I'd rather eat a cream puff than worry about it. Which isn't like me. Where'd you find the motivation?

Abby said...

I love sweets too! I just love eating. That's why I have to do this Weight Watchers thing because I just have to portion control myself...I was still able to eat a bowl of WW ice cream tonight and it tasted just like normal ice cream! :) My motivation is the fact that my jeans have gotten quite tight over this winter and I hate going shopping for new jeans! AND my girlfriend is getting married in Orlando in 3 weeks and we will be staying at a resort for the weekend with old college friends. Pool...bikini...aaakkk!! I used to run every other day or so and I got out of the habit (and started to put the lbs back on), so I'm beating myself back into the habit! HA!