Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I'm sitting here reading blogs and we've run out of shows on our DVR, so we have resorted to watching live TV (oh no!) and J has this Wipeout show on. Maybe it's a guy thing. People covered in mud and falling and wiping out...thus the name. Too much for me. But I do admit that there is not much TV on during the summer. Although I do love SYTYCD! It's actually recording right now, but since it's 2 hours long we won't start it until it's an hour into it:) Love our mentality don't you? (He just caught me laughing at this stupid show...oh no!) :)

Today was trash day so I was emptying our bathroom trash and Dakota got a Q-tip. It reminded me of Sue's post a couple days ago about her doggy sitting experience! I had to go get the camera. He kept looking at me with it hanging out the side of his mouth. It looked like he was smoking. Sorry Coda, no smoking in this house! :)
Look at that tongue! :) I'm not really sure why I only post pics of Coda when he needs a bath or to be groomed! He looks a bit scruffy! HA!

Last night Billie, Nevada and I decided to do a long run through the Beaumont neighborhood and trail. We made it close to 5 miles. It's been since last summer that I have done any runs that were longer than 4 miles. Unfortunately my ipod ran out of batteries halfway through our run so I was upset because a) I had no music, although that was ok because I had people to talk to b) we weren't sure exactly how fast we were running since no one had a watch on and c) we weren't sure how far we'd gone. Thankfully, Billie had done her homework before our run and had gone to and mapped out a run so we knew approximately how far we were! Nevada and I did a little extra to make it a little closer to 5. Next time we'll actually make it to 5... or maybe even a 10K (6.2 miles)... we'll see how that goes.


We have a softball game tomorrow. This will be week 5 of our games and we have yet to actually play a game. We have played in this church league for years and have never had this happen. It has rained every single Thursday since the beginning of the season! There is 0% chance of rain tomorrow so I really hope we can play! Billie, Nevada and I are getting together before the game to get a short run in! Let's all hope that we get some sunshine and not rain! I'm itching to play already!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I caught you! You were laughing and smiling a lot. We might have to start DVR'ing this one...

Sue said...

Oh Abby... I'm glad Pepper wasn't alone in his quest for the Q-tip diet. I thought he had gotten a second one digested but it was only the stuffing from his ducky that he'd ripped apart. His "mom" (my sister) sewed Ducky back together when she got here to pick him up! I love that you take pics of Coda eating it - lol

On the t.v. topic... have you seen the new show Superstars on ABC? It's where an athlete is paired with a celebrity doing all sorts of athletic stuff and the lowest ranking teams each week have to run an obstacle course and the slowest team is eliminated. It's pretty good!

Have a great 4th of July weekend... I have only 1 & 1/2 days left of babysitting - phew I am POOPED! Too old for this ;-)