Monday, July 13, 2009

Attic Happiness

Today we went to see the specialist for Jonathan's possible glaucoma problem. The issue was that we were waiting for about an hour and a half before they called us back. Then we found out that the doctor was called in to an emergency all that waiting for nothing! We rescheduled for next Wednesday so I will fill you all in then.

We have been working on our attic project since November! Well, let me rephrase that. We only had a square access hole to our attic, so Jonathan installed the attic stairs in November. Then we had a hiatus from spending money and doing projects. So, yesterday Jonathan borrowed Tim and his truck to get some plywood to floor our little storage attic! Tim, Lindsy and Kennedy will be staying with us for a couple of weeks until their house sale goes through and I have many items to organize in closets so that they have some space to live. So this attic comes at a great time! Now I can put all of my bins in the attic! Yay!
Here is our wonderful stairway!
A before picture - That green bag is our Christmas tree.
Is it wrong that this pile is just Christmas and harvest decorations? Don't worry I have tons more bins of other stuff too! :)
Hard at work! Don't put an attic in in is HOT!
How beautiful is this? Ahhh! An attic!

I enjoy projects around the house...although Jonathan would roll his eyes if he could right now because I dream up projects and then he has to execute them:) hehe! But he does a great job in executing! :) Our next project is to organize the garage and put shelving up and to be able to do that we need to sell an old TV entertainment center to make room! First things first:)

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Sue said...

Looks great Abby! Remember not to put anything that will melt up there (ie Christmas candles - lol). Jonathan has done a great job so far ;-)

Bummer about the appointment - hopefully the dr won't have another surgery next time you go. At least you got to spend the afternoon together ;-)