Thursday, May 6, 2010

13 Weeks 2 Days

Today was my 13 week doctor's appointment!  To say that I was a bit nervous would be an understatement.  I really hope that I'm not that nervous about every appointment.  I know that I shouldn't be nervous because God is in control, but my human nature takes over every time!

Lindsy stopped by work today to visit with me because she was at the church so we decided to go get lunch.  We went to Panera and it was delish!  We decided to sit outside since it was an absolutely beautiful day.  Does anyone else get annoyed that Panera pretty much has shot glasses for water glasses?  Well, I HATE that and since we were sitting outside I decided to order a pop (non-caffeinated of course) so I wouldn't have to walk inside a billion times for refills.  I maybe have one can of pop a week so I was definitely splurging!  Anyway, once we got to my appointment the nurse asked if I had ingested a lot of sugar recently.  OOPS!  So then they had to bring a glucose meter in to check to make sure my blood was ok.  Of course it was fine.  I tried to assure them that my body is not used to having a sprite in the middle of the day.

My doctor had been called to an emergency C-section so the nurse practitioner saw me.  She was really sweet so that was just fine.  Anyway, she got the doppler out and it took FOREVER for her to find the heartbeat.  She said that it's pretty normal at this size.  But there were all these noises and she said that the baby was moving all around and she couldn't get it to stand still long enough to hear the heartbeat.  Oops!  Too much sugar!  OK, so point taken... I will not drink a glass of pop before my next appointment!  HA!  But, we did finally get the heartbeat and it was a fast and strong heartbeat!  YAY!  Hopefully soon I'll be able to start feeling all of those movements!  I've gained 5 pounds since my last appointment a month ago, so I guess I'll take that.  The nurse said that was just fine!

My next appointment will be at 17 weeks so we again will not have an ultrasound, but the next appointment after that will be the BIG appointment so we can find out if it's a boy or a girl!!!

We again did my belly picture two days late.  Here it is!


Sue said...

I get so excited to hear about your little miracle happening inside you! Are you still pinching yourself that this is all truly happening? I know I would be - lol

Sounds like your little one is doing fantastic and it'll be no time at all before you're holding him/her in your arms!! Yay God!! :-)

Did you get all that rain they got down in Nashville?

Hugs xo

Lindsy said...

Yay for healthy baby appointments! I want to see a side by side 8 week and yesterday pic comparison. We need to be watching that bump grow! =)

Chelsea said...

It took them a while to find the heartbeat the first few appointments for me too. This last one (at 19 weeks) was almost instant. That was so cool.

You may not feel the movement for another few weeks. I think I was at 17 when I first felt it. But now it's pretty regular and SOOO amazing.

Does it feel real yet?