Wednesday, May 26, 2010

16 Weeks

I think this is becoming a normal routine...I'm a day late in posting my 16 week belly shot.  Oh well.  I get a pass since I'm pregnant right?  RIGHT??  We actually took the pictures on the 16 week mark this week.  Go us!  But our camera is doing funny things and keeps taking blurry pictures.  It's driving me crazy!!  I thought that maybe it didn't like the white door background so we tried a different wall, and that was just as bad.  *sigh* oh well.  Gotta live with it (which means I stand for 15 minutes while J takes picture after picture saying "*snap* no, *snap* no, *snap* no"  you get the idea?)  All of that to say that half of the pictures my smile looks a bit forced...I can't imagine why! :)

I have finally made it to the 4 month mark!  Only 4 weeks until the big 2-0 week mark (It's almost like waiting for your 21st birthday...except not really at all) !!  I have an appointment next week to hear the heartbeat and I can't wait!!  I don't think my belly looks quite like a pregnant belly, but it is continuing to grow.  (I had a couple people at work tell me yesterday that they could notice my belly getting bigger - or maybe that shirt was just too tight and I should retire it for the next 6 months.)

According to What to Expect, baby is the size of a Turnip (as if I really know how big a turnip is.  Could they not find a more normal veggie/fruit to compare it to?) and about 5 inches long.  Baby is starting to grow toenails and eyelashes.  How cute!

In other news: I had a dream last night that I went running.  I think my body is trying to tell me that it needs to be more active.  I had to give up running at the very beginning because it made me so nauseous so now that I'm not sick anymore, I may try to get a slow jog in!  We'll see how that goes...

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I talked to Billie and she came over and we went running together!  What a good running partner!  We went 2 miles (although I did have to walk at one point) and I feel great!  My legs felt like they were bricks, but you have to expect that after not running for 3 months!  We're going to get on a normal routine for as long as it feels good to me!  Yay!


Crystal said...

Love the belly pic!!!I will be 20 weeks next week and I'm so excited! You are doing better than me, I don't even feel like running or anything!

Chelsea said...

I love your green walls! :)

Don't push yourself too much. Your body is working hard growing that little one!!

Does your husband love your big belly?? Mine does. So weird!

Chelsea said...

Also, I just thought you should know... the word verification word on the comment I just left was "pimps"... not kidding.

Sara said...

What an adorable baby bump! Seeing other pregnant women totally makes me want another bump of my own! :)