Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Lights!

So that list about my hubby?  Yeah, you can add plumber to it.  We had a broken toilet and he had to replace the whole flushing mechanism (as if I know what I'm talking about).  Thankfully he's a fast learner and looks a lot of this home improvement stuff up online to see directions and he's so OCD that he does things right and always does a good job!  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband!

Monday night he fixed the toilet, switched out a faulty shower head and then took down this ugly light fixture from the bedroom. (This has GOT to be from the 50's and our house was built in the 90's!! The funny thing is that multiple people that have seen this fixture and the matching one in the nursery have mentioned that they look like they are from the 50's so it's not just me that thinks that!)

He replaced it with this fan!  A bit more goes into installing a fan than a normal light fixture, but it was necessary! (You're welcome mom and dad!)

Then Tuesday night, he took this lovely fan out of our master bedroom (please do not look at the wall color or the lack of decorations in the background - this is one room that we have yet to paint and decorate!  I'm focusing on the main floor right now!)

And he installed this fan!  On a shorter pole so that it doesn't cramp the room as much.  What's the point of having a vaulted ceiling if the fan is so low that subconsciously it feels like a low ceiling?

And one of my favorite things is that all 6 of these old brass light fixtures that we have removed will not be going in the garbage.  I will be taking them to my church to donate to a ministry we have called Helping Thru Him.  HTH takes donations like goodwill and then gives them to people in need.  I called and sure enough they take light fixtures and they said that they will find someone to give our old light fixtures to.  They aren't my style, but they work and I'm sure that a brass ceiling fan will be a wonderful thing to a family in the heat of summer!


Murdock's mama said...

I love that you raised the bedroom ceiling fan up! What a great program...such a great feeling to give such nice things away! Someone will be soo blessed!

Heather said...

I think your hubby needs to come help my hubby around our house!! :) What a great guy you have!

Anonymous said...

You are married to one smart and good guy! Thanks for the fan. We'll enjoy it in June when we're there. Love you both!